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Dear beautiful Friend,

This is a loving reminder that your word has power. With your word you create your world. You are weaving your dreams into manifestation. Your word can even cast a spell. There is a reason it is called spell-ing.

Words can create magic. And yes, even black magic. And the black magicians are at full force right now spell-binding many souls into the fear paradigm. Be selective who you listen to.

And always choose your words wisely. Choose words coming from love and a pure heart. You will create white magic. Choose words that are filled with beauty, poetry and passion. You will spread rainbow magic.

Communication is truly an art. It is more than just words. It is a sublime dance. Communication is also the Art of listening. Being so present that you can fully hear what is underneath the words. And receiving what is embedded in the silence. Witnessing the subtleties of energies. Being able to tune into another being without anything needing to be spoken.

Your emanation is everything. It speaks a million words.

So it all starts with practicing presence and doing the deep inner work of purification. On a cellular level. So you radiate from a pure heart, a strong body and an empowered mind. The more pure you are the higher your frequency and the more radiant your emanation is.

Start now with a juice cleanse or a water/dry fast to lay your foundation. And then develop more empowered habits going forward. It’s a journey and I am here to support you.

I inivite you to join me for the Ultimate September Juicing/Fasting Challenge.

As Autumn is approaching there is no better time than Now to do an inner cleanse. Change of seasons are the most potent times for transformation.

When you purify your body/mind temple you are upgrading your health & vitality. You are rising into a new level of wellbeing and a higher version of yourself.

Would you like to experience more inner joy and illuminate your radiance?

Are you courageous to face whatever is blocking you from living life in your fullest expansion? Then join me for the ultimate September purification. This is online and by donation. For details on how to prepare :

Sending love,



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