Dear beautiful friend, Let me invite you for a moment into my morning ritual. Upon awakening I check my little garden to see what has emerged over night. She finally arrived: Heavenly Blue morning glory! She opens her petals at sunrise and then blossoms all day in her most exquisite splendor. Spreading her beauty through magnificent color and texture. Then at sunset she dies. Morning glory lives for only one day. Imagine what it would be like if you had only one day to live? Would you listen to the news or browse through social media? Would you engage in worrying and complaining? Would you get angry at people who have a different opinion than you? If you had only one da


Dear beautiful friend, I just finished a 5 day water fast and feel reset, realigned and re-ignited. My first bite into a succulent watermelon enraptured indescribable explosive bliss. The sheer joy of being alive got newly activated and intensely illuminated. I have not always felt that way and I know many people can’t even fathom what I’m talking about. During a water fast you are faced with many self-imposed limitations. It’s a constant battle against your mind, the great trickster, that lures you into limiting perspectives. You will be facing your own inner demons. But if you don’t let yourself be fooled by these “Hijackers” then enormous expansion takes place within you and


Dear beautiful soul, As I am writing this I am sitting on my deck in the forest experiencing deep moments peace and at the same time concern for humanity. I witness many people hypnotized by the fear spell. They already forgot there is another way….that the power is within, that we have a choice how we show up in life and that we can choose in which conversations we participate. We have the potential to build a strong infrastructure that is immune to disease, crisis and challenges. Where are the conversations around Vitamin C, D3 & A? Silver, Iodine and Zinc? Enzymes and probiotics? Meditation and Breath work? Sunshine and grounding in the Earth? Movement and Exercise? Detoxing?

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