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It is my fierce devotion to hoId you on your journey
into your deepest embodiment & fuIIest expansion
With love, Sabina


Intuitive Mentor
Transformation Coach
CeIIuIar Detox Specialis

Author of "Invincible Immunity"
"Cracked Open-From Living Hell to Living Miracles"
Sacred Cacao Ceremonies
Divine Feminine Circles
International Retreats



Sabina has devoted her life to Cellular Purification and Self-Empowerment to support others on their path to wholeness so they can live the fullness of all they are. Being confronted from an early age with many health challenges, she embarked on a journey of profound self-healing with natural healing modalities.  This has led to a grander mission of sharing this holistic approach she explored on herself in the "Sacred Warrior Path" so others can experience the same miraculous results. The program is based on Sabina's own deep inner work and research over 25 years from the immense wealth of teachings she received from many masters & healers as well as from the wisdom of many ancient traditions. Sabina is a Certified Holistic Health & Transformation Coach. She trusts that the healer lies within and is here to guide others to facilitate their own healing and support them unlocking the powers within.

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