The Sacred Warrior Path is a 2 months mentorship program where I work with you 1:1 so you can BE IT ALL and HAVE IT ALL and then to share your precious gift with the world.

Together we will explore many tools that will support you into your fullest expansion.

- Cellular Purification

- Shadow work & Archetypal work

- Ancient & Alchemical wisdom

- Inner Child Healing

- Emotional Trauma Release

- Empowered Communication

- Leadership skills

- Soul Embodiment

The Path of the Sacred Warrior is about remembering.  Remembering what our soul's purpose is that we came here to embody and to offer to the world. This path is about dissolving what no longer serves you, re-wiring yourself to your source and rising in sovereignty. Aligning to your values, to your truth and to your truest essence.

I am here to hold your hand every step of this process.

You are not defined by your past, your conditioning, your childhood wounds or by what others say or and think about her.  You are ever-evolving, and expanding when you unapologetically choose to stand in your Truth in sacred sovereignty.  

In every moment of your life you have the choice how you're  going to show up.

The time for playing small has come to an end. Now, more than ever we need you to embody your spiritual, sensual and creative powers. This world needs conscious innovative leaders, visionaries and sacred activists like you. As you ignite your fire and reclaim your voice, you are raising the consciousness of this planet.

When you life you life from your unique calling you contribute to planetary healing and this creates a huge shift on this planet.  Hence, you are choosing your liberation and are setting this world free.

I am here to support you in finding a deeper embodiment of yourself  and to unlock your soul's purpose. From there, you create a mindset that is aligned with your heart, a foundation based on self-worth so you can fully express your innate powers and divine wisdom.

"I have fallen and I was defeated. I felt such unbearable pain that I wanted to rip my heart out of my body so the pain would end. I was broken and I have learnt about my innate power of self-healing. I chose to turn on my light full dial speed in those darkest moments of despair. Now I look fear straight in the eye. I dance with my fear. It is a mobilizing force. I do not run, I do not hide. I face fear full on as I know huge transformation lies on the other side. As I have faced my deepest darkness and chosen to stand in my truth in sacred sovereignty, I was able to reclaim my light and remember who I am. My wild heart is fiercely ignited as now I am unstoppable on my path to liberation. My divine mission is to support others on their healing journey. Come with me."

Sabina from "Cracked Open" May 2017



This work is deep medicine. It is not for everyone.

It is for you if you are willing to go into the deepest darkness and face your shadows and inner demons. It takes radical honesty, profound self-acceptance and a fierce commitment. It requires the openness and curiosity to look at ALL aspects of you, your so called "weaknesses#, wounds, triggers and blindspots. It takes moving into your fears, then through the fears into the freedom paradigm. The tools of this program will support you every step on this path.

Creating new evolutionary pathways requires powerful tools and the consistent support to release old wounds, programs, distortions and beliefs systems that have kept you in lack and limitation.


You will know who you truly are deep down inside and what your sacred purpose is in this world.

You will be able to access your own intuitive wisdom and your own inner healer.

You will become an unstoppable force for evolutionary leadership.

You will be able to experience life on a deeper level, filled with joy, inner peace, self-love and freedom beyond your 

wildest dreams.

I am here to support you to release your greatest blocks, and embody your creative powers and thriving, inner leader.

Together we will uncover and heal subconscious and energetic obstacles that have been holding you back from what you know you are here to be and give. You will receive intuitive coaching, a supportive ally and the accountability you require for creating new patterns for deep cellular and spiritual transformation. 


With my heart wide open, I am holding space for you to reveal your divine purpose so you can become an impactful leader and launch a conscious business.