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"I have fallen and I was defeated. I felt such unbearable pain that I wanted to rip my heart out of my body so the pain would end. I was broken and I have learnt about my innate power of self-healing. I chose to turn on my light full dial speed in those darkest moments of despair. Now I look fear straight in the eye. I dance with my fear. It is a mobilizing force. I do not run, I do not hide. I face fear full on as I know huge transformation lies on the other side. As I have faced my deepest darkness and chosen to stand in my truth in sacred sovereignty, I was able to reclaim my light and remember who I am. My wild heart is fiercely ignited as now I am unstoppable on my path to liberation. My divine mission is to support others on their healing journey. Come with me."

Sabina from "Cracked Open" May 2017

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