Dear Sabina, thank you so much for caring. I feel more energy than ever before. It is almost like a big shift happened with the kundalini energy that flows now more freely through my spine. I feel that I can breathe with less effort, and I feel a lot of strength inside my body and mind. That is wonderful.  And I also have to tell you that I had a WOW experience today. I did a kundalini yoga session Online and there was a moment when I had the feeling of not being strong enough for that and that this might be too intense or too much. But I trusted my body and mind and what happened then was just...unimaginable. I felt a beam of light in my chakras and my whole body suddenly bursted out of ecstasy and bliss. I felt like I could do that forever. And after the session I didn´t feel weak or tired. After the yoga I put some music on and danced like fire. I felt weightless like a feather and soft like flowing water. Not, some hours later, I still feel in a state of peace and joy. Just being here and feeling gratitude for everything. And no matter what the future will bring, now is the life, fed with my breath and beautiful thoughts. Thank you so much for guiding me. It is also your energy that I am feeling and taking as a motivator. That is your greatest gift for the world, thank you 





Our session is doing its job, I had a lot of possibilities to get triggered and I took them all. I take my time with them, I go into my room and scream into an old pillow dog I have from childhood I scream and cry in it until it is over. I can not believe how many things have changed from this and to how many things I said " no more" since then. I have so much gratitude to the session we had .
And this is only the beginning 
I started to write about how I imagine my life, my relationships and my work. I saw that I don't have a clear picture about it. So day by day and step by step I work on that to see it clearly and it helps me to clear out the things I don't want .
Thankyou.Thankyou. Thankyou so much.




Sabina, I want to personally thank you for your guidance through my first ever juicing journey.  

I have to tell you, I feel such a high vibration today like never before. I feel renewed, refreshed, and more importantly, So much closer to GOD! You were an amazing inspiration, a patient teacher, and a compassionate listener. I want to continue juice feasting for the rest of my life! And I will tell anyone who listens about the magic of juicing. I made the kale and avocado soup and it was so yummy and simple to make. 

With so much Love and gratitude,

Angelica M, Arizona


Thank you again for guiding us all through the juice fasting. I feel such a shift! I am craving raw foods and naturally orienting towards a mostly fruit and vegetable diet. I feel much more inner space and stillness. My daily sitting practice has almost doubled and I am very naturally taking time every single day to sit outside in silence and take in the nature and my whole inner universe.  I have been making the juice every couple of days because I love it so much and feel so energized and light from it!

Thank you again for everything you shared with all of us! Truly, what a gift to learn and go through the process as a group. For my first time, it was amazing! Nothing horrible or scary like I’ve heard and it really planted seeds in my mind about health and how I want to take care of myself so thank you again so so much.

Lena M, New Jersey

Thanks, Sabina! I’m feeling great today - very focused, connected to my mind and body. It’s easier than ever to sit in meditation, and I feel like my inner strength is growing. I took a yoga class today and I made seeded flourless bread and had it with avocado and puréed cauliflower and celery soup tonight. Green juice for breakfast and a light fruit plate for lunch. The transition is going well. :)

Bless you for doing this work and sharing it freely.

Mitia NJ

I'm about to have my first fruit meal. Before that, I'd like to thank you for your work. 

You did a wonderful job in facilitating, holding the space, leading and supporting the whole group in a process that is challenging and so beneficial.  I wish you all the blessings in the world and for your to fulfill your most dear aspirations and wishes. 

My best, 

Milan M, Serbia


I've been drinking lemon and dark grape juice everyday now, and also more consciously taking fruits into my diet.

Thank you so much for your teaching and the follow up notes, you made such a positive effect in my life.

 Lots of love to you too, dear Sabina❤

 Shiho T, New York

My experience at the Sat. ceremonies have been a gathering of warm hearts and delightful sharing.  The entire evening is graced with a gentle flow of welcoming and comfort to be present to ourselves and to the others.  There is a lovely balance between inner and outer time and a sense of community is held and steadily set in place as the evening draws to a close.  I am leave with a feeling of love, belonging, acceptance, and peaceful harmony and a sense of expansiveness to embrace the world with love and kindness.

Kathy O, New York

I feel very fortunate to have attended a Goddess retreat at Stone Wave in November, 2019 where Sabina shared her wisdom and a cacao ceremony with a group of about 40 women. She emanated a deeply grounded, presence and grace. She recounted life challenges she had experienced which cracked her open to become the strong woman she  is now. Hardship can help us if we chose to be a warrior rather than a victim and she is living proof  of how transformational it can be.  She shared her wealth of experience with herbs, and natural remedies that we can use to cleanse  our bodies and in this toxic world this is  a very important  practice.   She is a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to improve their health.     

Pam O, New York