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it’s hard to put into words what you have done for me but I will try my best as I want others to know what is possible for them too.

When I started working with you I just wanted to heal from my past trauma responses that were no longer serving me and getting in the way of my growth. But you gave me so much more.

During the 3 months of working with you what I gained is priceless and it is affecting everyone in my life. It has affected every single aspect of my life and my beliefs about my life. Years of pain, baggage, and stories have been completely erased. Relationships that were difficult have become easy and enjoyable. You have helped me to change my entire life and existence. I am no longer waiting for others to change in order to live my life. You helped me see that all I had to do is see what I want to make it happen. It sounds difficult and confusing but working with you made it easy and showed me how limitless I am. I am still shocked at how much my beliefs and life have turned around since I started working with you. ’ve learned to enjoy the possibilities without being attached to the outcome. It is so freeing to live with that faith and it’s helping me experience joy again.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family.

Anya N. FIorida

I am honored to share my heartfelt testimonial about the journey of self-love I embarked upon with Sabina. Working with her one-on-one has been transformative, and I am truly grateful for the remarkable impact she has had on my life.

With Sabina’s expertise in a wide variety of healing techniques, complemented by her empathetic and intuitive approach, she was able to quickly untangle some deep-rooted issues that have been impacting my belief systems. She has helped me navigate these challenges and develop strategies that have led to a new level of healing, unlocking new ways for me to go after my dreams and live in a way that is in harmony with my true self.

Thanks to Sabina, I met my goal of finding my life’s work and career path, which is something I once thought was out of reach. Her guidance has not only led to tangible results but also a completely different way of viewing my place in this world. My work with Sabina has been a huge turning point in my life and I highly recommend embarking on this work with her!

KimberIy R, FIorida



For the last 3 months I have been working with Sabina. It's been quite a journey. It has been a process where I have gone through great personal development. I will not deny that it has also been hard work at times. But Sabina has supported me all the way. I have been through Shadow Work where I have worked with my deepest shadows and fears. I've gone from being a person who didn't like herself to being a person who loves herself and is self-loving. I have become much better at communicating with people around me, especially my husband and my children, this has made our relationship even better. I have become authentic and now share myself in an authentic way. I stand by myself and who I am. I have shared personal stories on SoMe that I never dared to before. I stand much stronger in myself now and who I am

I now know what my soul purpose is and can now work on it. Sabina has given me many fantastic tools to work with myself during the course.

Winnie k. Denmark



For approximately the last 5 years of my life, I have wanted to pursue more of a vegetarian, un-fooding and, intermittent fasting lifestyle. I was never able to fully immerse myself into this mindset and habit until after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis of stage 0. I became very fearful with what the conventional medical system was telling me so I reached out to a local friend that referred me to Sabina for some health coaching. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I thought that I was leading a healthy lifestyle because I worked out regularly and generally watched what I ate. After a short consultation with Sabina, I realized I needed to hunker down like a warrior and do the real work to remove the inflammation and acidosis in my body. I rendered 3 months of Sabina’s health and life coach services and am forever thankful and grateful for what Sabina has taught me about life, health, mind set and connecting with life force. Sabina has shared her lifetime experience and knowledge with me that enabled me to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks. More importantly, Sabina has taught me to take my health and life into my own hands…to prioritize my life. I have learned that disease is when the body is “out of ease “ and, because I created the disease, I can also put my mind and health back “into ease”…..these were the first words Sabina said to me. From that point on, the fear of having disease and acidosis in my body left my mindset and it became an acceptance and a project of love for me to work on. I have my ups and downs but, for the most part, the knowledge and practice I’ve gained from Sabina’s coaching stays with me daily. I don’t know if my stage 0 cancer still exists but what I do know is that I feel great. I’m not living in fear of disease because my inflammation is gone, my weight is down and my connection to all life force keeps improving daily. I have rediscovered my life purpose and know how to jump back on the wagon with my new knowledge quicker and better than ever before. Thank you Sabina for sharing your “life tool box” with me! ❤️U! 🌷🌷🌷

Marisa D. (Ontario, Canada)

I have learnt a lot after spending 3 months in a mentorship with Sabina. First of all Sabina is a very talented, powerful, committed woman who very much lives a life of radiant health. She was my number 1 cheer leader during the mentorship and always inspired me to reach a little higher. I learnt crucial information around bodily cleansing, fasting and how best to support my digestion.

What has shifted for me? I know how to take a safe and effective approach to cleansing my body and soul. I feel more confident and humbled at the same time as far where I am at and where I am going on my health journey.

Which areas are you more empowered now?I am more empowered in taking bigger leaps of faith in my life, to look at my shadow and be honest with myself with my commitments and where I am at mentally and emotionally.

What are your breakthrough and how has it affected your life?

I had a breakthrough in fully committing to building Soul Guided - A Mature Spiritual Community. In which I signed up for a business mentorship to take it to the next level. I committed to a 21 day water fast in Costa Rica (recommended by Sabina) and when it comes to health, I recognize how important it is to take it into your own hands and not to neglect any areas, as everything always eventually catches up to you.

What is different in your relationships with others now than it was before?I find it easier to be OK when I am with others, even if I am not feeling great. I find I can be more at ease and have more acceptance and compassion with myself for wherever I am at. I notice it is easier for me to be honest around insecurities I use to protect. I notice I am more patience and more emotionally available.

Thanks so much for all the love and energy you put into the mentorship Sabina. You are amazing!

Chris Dub, Canada



Working with Sabina has changed my life in the most profound ways. I now am able to practice self-love, compassion and gentleness with myself. I quickly recognize when I’m playing the victim, self-sabotaging and breaking my word to myself. The greatest gift is I’m learning to how to celebrate my wins, appreciate my efforts, get back up no matter how manny times I fall, be patient with my process and befriend my shadow. Prior to working together I was avoiding, hiding, procrastinating and loathing myself. I am a masterpiece at work and I own this now. I am a Sacred Warrior and she helps me see my reflection. Her support, example, gentle yet no bs approach is a bright light in my world and on my path of healing. I am forever changed for the better and extremely grateful our paths crossed. I look forward to our continued connection and intend to pay it forward. As my teacher, coach and friend I fully intend to follow in her footsteps and support others on their return to love, wholeness & light. If your looking for a coach who stands for your greatness, won’t buy into the egos limitation think and lovingly holds you accountable. Then look no further. Words are a bit inadequate to express my gratitude for her Knowledgeable, Light & Powerful approach/method. Sabina walks her talk and holds space for you to grow into walking your talk as a Powerful Sacred Vibrantly Healthy Passionate Being. I have miles to go on my journey with Sabina and have come very far in our short time of working together. I am excited and overjoyed about what’s next for me and for our next session. I forgot my life was sacred, that I am a precious being of light, love and power and it’s my divine right to share my light and gifts now. Not later. If you’re ready to feel better, be healthier, live with passion, and support yourself as you remove any barriers to living an abundant life. Sabina is the coach for you!

Love & Gratitude,

Alva Godèava B., Texas




Sabina, who is the embodiment of radiant health, created an absolute luscious, relaxing, rejuvenating and eye-opening experience at her Return to Wholeness Retreat this past weekend.
I left inspired, deeply nourished and with clarity on how to move forward on my own healing journey. Thank you so much Sabina!!

Kenya D, New York

I so very much enjoyed my experience at the Return to Wholeness Retreat. The raw vegan food was incredible, Sabina’s knowledge on health, detox, and spirit was so impressive, and I felt held and supported throughout my entire experience. The cacao ceremony was life changing. I highly recommend any of Sabina’s retreat if you are looking to improve your health, spiritual connection, and vitality. Thank you again for the enjoyable experience

Ann J., New York






                                              Esther R., New York                                                                     Jaqueline H., New York



Dear Sabina, thank you so much for caring. I feel more energy than ever before. It is almost like a big shift happened with the kundalini energy that flows now more freely through my spine. I feel that I can breathe with less effort, and I feel a lot of strength inside my body and mind. That is wonderful.  And I also have to tell you that I had a WOW experience today. I did a kundalini yoga session Online and there was a moment when I had the feeling of not being strong enough for that and that this might be too intense or too much. But I trusted my body and mind and what happened then was just...unimaginable. I felt a beam of light in my chakras and my whole body suddenly bursted out of ecstasy and bliss. I felt like I could do that forever. And after the session I didn´t feel weak or tired. After the yoga I put some music on and danced like fire. I felt weightless like a feather and soft like flowing water. Not, some hours later, I still feel in a state of peace and joy. Just being here and feeling gratitude for everything. And no matter what the future will bring, now is the life, fed with my breath and beautiful thoughts. Thank you so much for guiding me. It is also your energy that I am feeling and taking as a motivator. That is your greatest gift for the world, thank you 

Mascha S., Germany


Our session is doing its job, I had a lot of possibilities to get triggered and I took them all. I take my time with them, I go into my room and scream into an old pillow dog I have from childhood I scream and cry in it until it is over. I can not believe how many things have changed from this and to how many things I said " no more" since then. I have so much gratitude to the session we had .
And this is only the beginning 
I started to write about how I imagine my life, my relationships and my work. I saw that I don't have a clear picture about it. So day by day and step by step I work on that to see it clearly and it helps me to clear out the things I don't want .
Thankyou.Thankyou. Thankyou so much.




Sabina, I want to personally thank you for your guidance through my first ever juicing journey.  

I have to tell you, I feel such a high vibration today like never before. I feel renewed, refreshed, and more importantly, So much closer to GOD! You were an amazing inspiration, a patient teacher, and a compassionate listener. I want to continue juice feasting for the rest of my life! And I will tell anyone who listens about the magic of juicing. I made the kale and avocado soup and it was so yummy and simple to make. 

With so much Love and gratitude,

Angelica M, Arizona


Thank you again for guiding us all through the juice fasting. I feel such a shift! I am craving raw foods and naturally orienting towards a mostly fruit and vegetable diet. I feel much more inner space and stillness. My daily sitting practice has almost doubled and I am very naturally taking time every single day to sit outside in silence and take in the nature and my whole inner universe.  I have been making the juice every couple of days because I love it so much and feel so energized and light from it!

Thank you again for everything you shared with all of us! Truly, what a gift to learn and go through the process as a group. For my first time, it was amazing! Nothing horrible or scary like I’ve heard and it really planted seeds in my mind about health and how I want to take care of myself so thank you again so so much.

Lena M, New Jersey

Thanks, Sabina! I’m feeling great today - very focused, connected to my mind and body. It’s easier than ever to sit in meditation, and I feel like my inner strength is growing. I took a yoga class today and I made seeded flourless bread and had it with avocado and puréed cauliflower and celery soup tonight. Green juice for breakfast and a light fruit plate for lunch. The transition is going well. :)

Bless you for doing this work and sharing it freely.

Mitia NJ

I'm about to have my first fruit meal. Before that, I'd like to thank you for your work. 

You did a wonderful job in facilitating, holding the space, leading and supporting the whole group in a process that is challenging and so beneficial.  I wish you all the blessings in the world and for your to fulfill your most dear aspirations and wishes. 

My best, 

Milan M, Serbia


I've been drinking lemon and dark grape juice everyday now, and also more consciously taking fruits into my diet.

Thank you so much for your teaching and the follow up notes, you made such a positive effect in my life.

 Lots of love to you too, dear Sabina❤

 Shiho T, New York

My experience at the Sat. ceremonies have been a gathering of warm hearts and delightful sharing.  The entire evening is graced with a gentle flow of welcoming and comfort to be present to ourselves and to the others.  There is a lovely balance between inner and outer time and a sense of community is held and steadily set in place as the evening draws to a close.  I am leave with a feeling of love, belonging, acceptance, and peaceful harmony and a sense of expansiveness to embrace the world with love and kindness.

Kathy O, New York

I feel very fortunate to have attended a Goddess retreat at Stone Wave in November, 2019 where Sabina shared her wisdom and a cacao ceremony with a group of about 40 women. She emanated a deeply grounded, presence and grace. She recounted life challenges she had experienced which cracked her open to become the strong woman she  is now. Hardship can help us if we chose to be a warrior rather than a victim and she is living proof  of how transformational it can be.  She shared her wealth of experience with herbs, and natural remedies that we can use to cleanse  our bodies and in this toxic world this is  a very important  practice.   She is a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to improve their health.     

Pam O, New York

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