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Dear beautiful soul, As I am writing this I am sitting on my deck in the forest experiencing deep moments peace and at the same time concern for humanity. I witness many people hypnotized by the fear spell. They already forgot there is another way….that the power is within, that we have a choice how we show up in life and that we can choose in which conversations we participate. We have the potential to build a strong infrastructure that is immune to disease, crisis and challenges. Where are the conversations around Vitamin C, D3 & A? Silver, Iodine and Zinc? Enzymes and probiotics? Meditation and Breath work? Sunshine and grounding in the Earth? Movement and Exercise? Detoxing? These conversations are not on the daily news and are not taught in schools. However they are essential for building a strong foundation of health and an empowered perspective for life. The key is purity. We need pure air, pure water and pure food. Also “pure” thoughts, coming from love instead of fear, as well as “pure” energy of the field that we expose ourselves to. Your body is your temple. It is your vessel where divine light flows through. The purer it is the more light it can hold. A light filled body can heal from anything. When your mind is “untainted” it is so powerful that with your thoughts you can create your reality. Hence you become a manifestor and a living embodied alchemist. You turn lead into gold, challenge into opportunity. It’s like having a magic wand. Your role here on this planet is to radiate your pure light. This cannot happen when you are constantly in survival mode. You have to stand strong in order to blast wide. No one is coming to rescue. There is no savior. No government. No president. No medical system. No being in the sky. IT’S ALL YOU!!! Your life happens either by design or by default. Stop for a moment and reflect where you are. This might trigger you! The harsh truth is, you’re going to die anyway. Why not become a conscious creator instead of receiving more of the same, being a bystander and never truly living fully, with all the joy & abundance that life has to offer? When you truly get this on a deep soul level you understand that what is happening right now is the greatest initiation of your life. The current situation heightens your blind spots, unhealed parts and your triggers. Everything is amplified. This is an opportunity to bring you closer to your source. When you live truly from your source you follow your divine calling. You express your unique gift that you came here to embody. When you are aligned to your soul’s purpose, then life will become a flow, doors open for you and infinite possibilities show up everywhere. You seem to manifest things out of nowhere. You walk through life as a radiant expression of infinite potential. Filled with passion and vibrancy. Don’t let outside circumstances hold you back from truly living your highest emanation. Don’t wait until the times are better or when you feel more ready. The ground has never been more fertile than NOW. If you are called for the shift to a soul aligned life this is for you: Sending you a big hug and lots of love, Sabina

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