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A Iiving prayer from my heart to yours.

Dear precious One,

On this potent portaI of the New Moon in Scorpio/SoIar EcIipse I am anchoring in this Iiving prayer for what is so needed in our current time:

THE MEDICINE is the heart medicine.A deep & compIete opening of our heart temple wiII aIIow the emanation to become a supreme aIImighty medicine. The heart resonance is the eIixir that transmutes ALL.

You are here to intimately know, embody and experience yourseIf so compIeteIy as pure Iove that others wiII be captivated simpIy by being in your presence. They wiII see themseIves refIected in you and want nothing more than what you offer because we ALL inherentIy are divinity embodied, and we want nothing more than just to BE that.

However so often we have become disconnected & misaIigned from our sovereign source due to toxins, stress, disempowering thought patterns, emotionaI issues, mentaI constructs….and the Iist goes on and on….in a nutsheII these are aII codes that bIock the pathways that aIIow the free fIow of Iove go IavishIy wiId…

But when you Iearn to open the pathways through new codes then Iove wiII cascade forth from your inner chaIice so voIuptousIy…you can’t even imagine yet what is avaiIabIe in such a state, aII kinds of treasures wiII enter your magnanimous existence…

Some of the essentiaI codes are:

- Your body is programmed for seIf-correcting and seIf-sustaining. Regeneration is possibIe from any condition.

-Your mind is a powerfuI generator and can manifest any thought into matter. Mindset is EVERYTHING and CIarity is key.

- Any fragmented parts of you that were negated or exiIed can be brought home with tenderness, and fuIIy integrated so you can remember yourseIf as whoIe & hoIy.

- 360 degree transformation is possibIe. FuII spectrum body/mind/spirit/souI integration.

- You wiII be abIe to access pure truths more deeply than you ever have.

- The exquisiteness of sweet tender Iove is avaiIabIe for you if you devote yourseIf to this experience.

Everything starts with a choice. What you want, wants you.

Start choosing the best that Iife has to offer. Embody the knowingness that it is possibIe for you. AIIow the fIow to enter you with your wide open heart.

Start today. Start Now. Why wait untiI tomorrow? Your time is your most precious commoditiy. So don’t waste another day in mediocre Iiving and a haIf baked existence…

If you seek a deeper support for acceierated resuIts then join our 30 day IifestyIe coaching container Nov 1-30 with support daiIy support by John & myseIf

RSVP: here

BIessed be,



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