Dear beautiful friend, This is a call to action: LET LOVE GO VIRAL ! At this crucial moment in history you are being called to be a conduit for love as we have embarked on the most intense journey deep down the rabbit hole . At this point we can no longer un-see, un-know or un-do. Besides needing to have powerful navigation skills, it is crucial that we return to source. Otherwise you will be like a feather in the wind. Ask yourself what would love do right now? From you? Through you? The most potent force in the universe is love. Love conquers everything. Love heals all wounds. Love is unstoppable. The presence of divine love is always giving. Always in overflo

What is the Sacred Warrior Path?

The tools of the Sacred Warrior Program have been my tools since childhood and I have created massive results with these tools in every area of my life and here are just a few examples: -leaving my family at age 19 without their consent and starting a new life with only a few hundred dollars of savings and zero support, moving to Munich, followed by Paris and then New York and leading to multiple successful careers in the entertainment industry. - showing up fully empowered in court without a lawyer as my ex-husband tried to take my son away with a 200 page document filled with lies about me. At the end he got NOTHING of what he wanted. - when I encountered abandonment & betrayal an

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