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What is the Sacred Warrior Path?

The tools of the Sacred Warrior Program have been my tools since childhood and I have created massive results with these tools in every area of my life and here are just a few examples: -leaving my family at age 19 without their consent and starting a new life with only a few hundred dollars of savings and zero support, moving to Munich, followed by Paris and then New York and leading to multiple successful careers in the entertainment industry. - showing up fully empowered in court without a lawyer as my ex-husband tried to take my son away with a 200 page document filled with lies about me. At the end he got NOTHING of what he wanted. - when I encountered abandonment & betrayal and chose to face the pain full on and transmute it into joy as the ultimate liberation. As I result I wrote & published a book within 3 months created out of my pain and using fear as a catalyst - when my fiancé of 6 years left me one day and never came back I was faced with the most excruciating heart pain but was able then to turn my pain into my greatest power as I shifted the perspective from victimhood of ”being left” to the empowerment of “setting myself free”. From there emerged a coaching business supporting other women in their transformation. As a result they left unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, moved homes and improved their health. - re-inventing myself over and over again with multiple careers as a fashion stylist working with Hollywood A-list, as an actor in film and theatre, a screenwriter, a film director, an event producer, a manager of a spiritual retreat center, a holistic nutrition coach, a published author and eventually now here on my life’s mission as a transformation & empowerment coach. I am not mentioning this to impress anyone but rather to show what’s possible and it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and no situation is too hard to do so. The only thing that is holding you back in your life is your fear and the illusion that lies behind the fear. Do you want to learn how to dismantle the illusion behind your fears and actually use fear as a catalyst to break through your limitations so you can expand beyond anything you ever imagined? Do you want to create invincible immunity in body, mind and spirit so you can rise above any challenge that shows up? While simultaneously aligning yourself so deeply with your souls purpose so hat you can create a conscious business that ignites your fire and impacts the world? Then I have something for you: The Sacred Warrior Path is a 2 months mentorship program where I work with you 1:1 twice a week and together we look at what’s blocking you, turn it around and create breakthroughs in EVERY area of your life. I have transformed through so many challenges that I have developed refined intuition and can hear & see in one conversation what limits you. Remember: you cannot see your own blind spots! The Sacred Warrior Path is a short cut to 360 Transformation and we go straight to the core.

I have combined and condensed all the tools and modalities that have studied and experimented on myself over the past 25 years and which caused massive results for myself and people I worked with so you don’t waste time experimenting such as I did. I am offering you a shortcut so you don’t waste precious life force figuring out what works and what doesn’t. These tools are effective and will create shifts in a very short time, often even instantly.

A client of mine was asked by her doctor what she was doing after I put her on a 30 day detox program.

Another client left an unhealthy relationship, moved to a new area and changed her outlook on life in a way she became passionate about and inspiring others along the way. Another client quit a job that was unfulfilling and stepped into leadership having her voice heard after years of playing small.

I have invested about 50k and 25 years of my life into transformation and now I am offering this for only 2k for only 2 months of your time.

Book your discovery call at There is no better time than NOW. Sending you lots of love & light,

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