Dear beautiful soul, We’re celebrating the dawn of a new decade and NOW is the perfect time to ask yourself the following question: From now on will I start living in alignment with my soul’s purpose or will I continue to live at the effect of my circumstances? Let’s reflect for a moment on what it means to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Over the past years I have mentored many people that created powerful breakthroughs in all areas of their life, such as: Manifesting incredible opportunities out of nowhere. Quitting a job that was unfulfilling and embarking on a career path they were passionate about and inspiring others along the way. Transforming their hea


Greetings beautiful friend, As we close the chapter of an entire decade, 10 years seem like a fleeting moment and at the same time infinite timelessness. I am reflecting back, and wow, what a journey it has been! Filled with tremendous challenges, profound transformation & magic beyond my wildest dreams. To say I went through metamorphosis is truly an understatement. Most importantly, there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for you. For your presence. It's so important to celebrate our successes and accomplishments. Not just on the New Year, but in every moment of Now. What are you grateful for? And what are you celebrating? What has made your heart sing and y


Dear beautiful soul, As 2020 is approaching, what will you do differently next year? What is your vision? What seeds of intention are you planting? I encourage you to leap with courage into 2020. I encourage you to lead from your heart. Who you become in this process of creating from your heart becomes the new story of your life, so why not make your story epic? 2020 can be the birth from your ashes, your silence, your pain. It can be your Renaissance. 2019 was epic for me. Filled with many dark nights of the soul as well as pure sublime magic beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I fulfilled my lifelong dream and travelled to the majestic mountains of Peru. Whi

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