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Dear beautiful soul, As 2020 is approaching, what will you do differently next year? What is your vision? What seeds of intention are you planting? I encourage you to leap with courage into 2020. I encourage you to lead from your heart. Who you become in this process of creating from your heart becomes the new story of your life, so why not make your story epic? 2020 can be the birth from your ashes, your silence, your pain. It can be your Renaissance. 2019 was epic for me. Filled with many dark nights of the soul as well as pure sublime magic beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I fulfilled my lifelong dream and travelled to the majestic mountains of Peru. While lying on a high mountain peak, I received a healing that, without a doubt, was the gift of a lifetime. I felt like my heart cracked wide open, my whole being was recalibrating and filled with luminous light… an experience that was like making love with the entire universe and the universe was making love to me… To say that I am a changed woman is an understatement. It was so profound that I knew I have to bring others here to this sacred land so they can experience the same magic. The Sacred Valley of the Incas with its majestic mountains is a pristine power place to reconnect with ancestral lineages and sacred medicines that our ancestors left for the awakening of consciousness. Anchoring into this powerful energy grid will open you to a profound connection with ancient wisdom and your own true Self. This is not your typical retreat. We dive deep into the mysteries, places and portals few people experience in their lifetime. Mystical Temple Sites, Pristine Mountains, Andean Healing Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing, Sacred Plant Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Sound Healing, Movement, Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Pineal Gland Activation, Deep Shadow Work, Detoxing, Mindset Tools and More… Join me, along with Peruvian shamans, healers and light workers in the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu and step into a new level of freedom, deep connection with Mother Nature and your Highest Self. This transformational journey is a rite of passage that takes you to one of the most mystical place on Earth filled with divine light codes where there is a high frequency of beauty and healing energy. If you are done playing small in your life and ready to upgrade to create a quantum shift, then this might be for you. We embark on a transformative process where we un-peel and un-layer to release blockages and distortions in our vibrational field. We come into balance and awaken our full potential so we can shine in our most radiant version. We open to a deeper sense of inner peace and self-love and take it back with us into our daily life. The energy of this ancient land is an amplifier. Any healing work done here is profoundly accelerated. It is deep deep medicine. I’m so excited to share this with you and please contact to learn more... With love and light, Sabina

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