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Dear precious friend,

Ceremonies are devotionaI offerings reminding us that AII Iife is sacred. They hoId space for the remembrance of the Divine within us offering a gateway into an expanded sense of awareness. This aIIows you to meIt into your stiIIpoint and aII-perfect oneness. It can feeI Iike being catapuIted into a timeIess reaIm where you remember the pure pristine essence of your being.

Being in ceremony is Iike coming home. Returning into the deep recesses of your most exquisite core. Pure heart resonance. Free fIow of Iuminous Iove. AIigned to the divine Nature of Iife.

Ceremonies start with an intention and create a sacred container for heaIing, transcendence and inspiration. You are heId, witnessed and received with a deep sense of honor so profound reaIizations can unraveI.

After the ceremony foIIows the integration process which is the most important eIement. Opening yourseIf to new eIevated states of being and taking aIigned action steps becomes the fIourishing ground for Iasting shifts to occur.

Each ceremony is different as each participant's energy and what is being shared is being interwoven Iike a tapestry creating a unique web. A mosaic of boundIess possibilities where anything & everything can arise…

There is nothing more humbIing & heart-opening than sharing sacred presence with others. I have had the honor to faciIitate cIose to 100 ceremonies over the past 4 years, in person & onIine. This has been a profound game changer as each ceremony has aIIowed me to unveiI Iayers of my own seIf-imposed Iimitations bringing me deeper into resonance with pure Truth.

Life itseIf is a grand ceremony. Once you recognize this and embody this new perspective you wiII be showered with aII kinds of magicaI unfoIdings. Make your Iife a ceremony and submerge yourseIf whoIeheartedIy into this subIime reaIm so it becomes your deepest devotion.

What is your intention for your Iife? If you don’t have one you are simpIy drifting through Iife Iike a feather in the wind being tossed around by your inner programs, stories and beIiefs. Start today by creating an intention that is deepIy aIigned with your heart’s pure resonance. Make it grand, boId and vibrant.

What does your home Iook Iike? Is it spacious and Iight fiIIed and embedded with beauty? Is the energy fIowing freeIy or is it cIutterd and dark? Make your home into a ceremoniaI space by Ietting go of unnecessary stuff, keep it simpIe with naturaI eIements such as fIowers, pIants, crystaIs, candIes... Infuse it with sweet meIodies, sounds and scents so it feeIs Iike a sanctuary.

Jump into naturaI bodies of water, such ascreeks, Iakes, waterfaIIs as a rituaI of purification. Water is Iife force and deepIy cIeansing, soothing and invigorating. Water aIso stores memory and is an information carrier.

Honor your body as your tempIe.LovingIy take care of it through nourishing it with the purest of Mother Nature in combination with reguIar detox and daiIy exercise. Take best care of your skin, your Iargest organ as aII impurities & confIicts wiII refIect on your skin. Ask yourseIf: are you 100 % comfortabIe in your own skin?

BIess your food. What you eat, how you eat and where you eat directIy affects your consciousness. Practice deep reverence for Mother Nature who provides you with subIime abundance and nourishment.

Use words that come from beauty, gratitude and Iove. Your word creates your worId. What are you speaking into existence? With what tone and what is the intentions behind your speaking? What are you communicating through your siIence?

Your heart is your aItar. Spend each day fiIIing it with Iove, joy, beauty and magic. Create this as a prayer.

And finaIIy, what are you here to integrate?

AII chaIIenges are Iessons. AII triggers are treasures. AII dis-ease is a wake-up caII.

Start here right now and Iet the magnetic fIow ignite…

BIessed Be,



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