Dear beautiful soul, Pachamama Wasi is calling. This means Home of Mother Earth. I invite you to take a leap and join us on a journey of a lifetime in the magical Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here we release the past with its heavy chains, unlock our soul’s purpose and return deep into our heart for unleashed self-expression. When we don’t live in alignment with our soul’s purpose then our system is closed off, clogged up and creates stagnation in our life. We are blocked from accessing our deepest joy and focus on things we don’t want and hence, create more of what we don’t want. Nothing ever changes. This retreat is for you if you want to break out of the old paradigms


Dear beautiful friend, You are at the beginning of a new decade and a new chapter on your divine path. Say “YES” to your heart’s longing and join us on the journey of a lifetime that connects you to your soul’s purpose. There is no better time than now to weave through the Sacred Valley in Peru with its mystical sites and portals and to embrace its liquid light energy. Here you can release the chains from the past and attachments to people and situations that are no longer in alignment with your path. Here you peel back the layers of who you think you should be in order to match other’s approval of you and face fears, self-doubts, vulnerability, and insecurities. Here you tune


Dear beautiful soul, My heart breaks when I speak to brilliant, spiritual and heart centered people about their purpose and they say, “I’m just not ready.” Because I know what it means to waste year after year not creating an impact with doing what you love because you feel you are not ready. You cannot wait until it’s the “right” time or the “right” circumstance to get started. Because you will be waiting all your life. You get ready by starting. Deep down inside you know that your time is Now and not tomorrow. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. But we humans tend to tell ourselves excuses why we are not ready, and the most common excuses are: I don’t have the tim

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