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Dear beautiful soul, Pachamama Wasi is calling. This means Home of Mother Earth. I invite you to take a leap and join us on a journey of a lifetime in the magical Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here we release the past with its heavy chains, unlock our soul’s purpose and return deep into our heart for unleashed self-expression. When we don’t live in alignment with our soul’s purpose then our system is closed off, clogged up and creates stagnation in our life. We are blocked from accessing our deepest joy and focus on things we don’t want and hence, create more of what we don’t want. Nothing ever changes. This retreat is for you if you want to break out of the old paradigms and break free once and for all by creating massive shifts in a short time on every level. If your life has so far not been the way you want it to be, this is because you haven’t yet fully embodied ALL of that is you, your truest essence - also known as your soul. You are not your past, nor your wounds nor your stories or identities, but the part that is wild, free, authentic, pure and divine and is here to bring forth your unique gift which is your presence in its fullest emanation. Last year I traveled to the Sacred Valley in Peru to look for a place to host my workshop. As I entered the gates to Pachamama Wasi it felt like entering a different dimension with its 360 degree views over the majestic mountains and the valley. The property is inspired by all the elements of “Pachamama” purest beauty, and infused with spiritual elements from traditional India like the Yoga-Shala-Maloka, the Krishna Temple and lovely estate grounds with plants, gardens, flowers and Buddhas. The land is steeped in ancient wisdom that creates macro healing. My Body, Mind & Spirit were stretched into joy-filled expressions as I laughed and cried, feeling old layers peel away. I tapped into aspects of myself I didn’t have access before and literally felt myself recalibrating to a new frequency. Every morning I awoke around 5 am filled with inspiration as the high vibrational energy maximizes the benefits of healing, transformation and expansion. I knew that I need to bring others here to experience the same profound shifts that I did and long story short, The Deep Immersion Journey into the Heart, was created. This is not your typical retreat. I wouldn’t even call it a retreat but rather a 360 degree transformational container. I have created this container in collaboration with healers from Peru, Shamans, Light workers, Sound Healers and Spiritual Teachers. With all our love and devotion we have intentionally crafted this offering in support of your highest evolution. It focuses on every aspect; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical to align, open and empower you at your deepest core. Yoga, meditation, breath work, detox drinks, superfood & superherbs, sound healing, deep shadow work, mindset and empowerment tools, pineal gland activations, a sweat lodge, a sacred cacao ceremony, a shamanic ceremony with ancestral medicine of the Andes, integration & coaching, a trip to Machu Picchu, a trip to the ancient town of Pisac and so much more…. Whether you want to heal trauma, let go of limiting beliefs, release patterns & habits, stop stagnation and procrastination, clear your chakras and meridians, upgrade your health, increase your energy, focus on self-love and self-worth or simply uplevel your life... ...We address ALL of this and more… Learn to transform your pain into joy. Release conditioning, old programs and scarcity. Let go everything that is no longer in alignment with your highest Self so you can shine in your radiance. Burn away all the blockages in your energetic field so you can ignite your passions and creative potential. Dissolve buried emotions and experience freedom beyond your wildest dreams. Let go of control and and learn to surrender into the quantum field of infinite possibilities Enter into the realm where miracles unfold… If this calls you you will find more details here: For pricing and payment plans please contact me directly. With so much love, Sabina

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