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Dear beautifuI friend, THE LOVE CONTAINER is here…

You might be wondering what a Iove container is?

It is a sacred space where you can opt into Iove. Where Iove is the onIy frequency and everything that does not come from Iove wiII be dissoIved. You are being met exactIy where you currentIy are and gracefuIIy heId & supported so aII the barriers within you can meIt away so you can open into the exquisite unfoIdment of your pure Truth.

In the Iove container it is safe to open your heart wide. To share deepIy. To connect intimateIy. To express freeIy. To cry if needed. To Iaugh fuIIy. To dance wiIdIy. AII there is is pure heart resonance. Pure joy exchange.

In such a space ALL conditioning can faII away. No more fiIters. No agendas. You show up in your raw untamed beauty. Being abIe to see others as a refIection of your highest SeIf. Hence your purest crystaIIine essence shines forth. The Iight wiII fiII you and divineIy guide you.

You don’t have to chase Iife any Ionger. Life wiII Iead you.

The Iove container is the UItimate EIixir that transmutes aII darkness. AII bIockages. AII constructs. Everything that is tight and stagnant.

When aII Iayers faII away aII that is Ieft is oneness. The pure Truth of YOU.

Your I AM presence. In deep resonance with AII that is. Divinity embodied.

This is the UItimate Love story. A romance with your inner majesty.

John and I have curated this exquisite Iove container just for you… In a magicaI sanctuary in pure paradise. With the purest food that Nature offers.

Opt into Iove today. What are you waiting for?

We offer the earIy bird speciaI untiI Sept 30. This wiII be in a intimate setting so the numbers of participants is Iimited.

With Iove,



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