Why not say YES to life?

Life is calling you. Yes, you heard correctly. YOUR LIFE. The life you are truly meant to live here on this Earth. And NOT the version that you were told to do nor who you should be. When you live from your deepest truth When you embody your purest love When you ignite your magic When you choose your wildest freedom When you bring your unwavering commitment When you call forth your highest vision When you fully show up for life When you keep saying yes to a bigger world When you own the life you truly desire And then fiercely claim it. From you heart. From your soul. From your deepest essence. Moving forward towards your vision. Step by step. Without looking back. Des

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT...and how it can work for you

The term "Butterfly effect" comes from a metaphorical example of the details of a tornado (the exact time of formation, the exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. We all know that every action, thought and behavior has a ripple effect. A small negative thought can often cause a huge breakdown in our life. Have you ever wondered how a crisis in your life happened so suddenly? Perhaps it was an unexpected breakup in a relationship, an outburst of anger, an act of betrayal, total loss of emotional control in a situation or the feeling of deep depression and hopelessness. That was the tor

EMBRACE EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS...and how to heal them

You all have your shadow. Your darkness. Your inner demons. Whatever you resent and triggers you in other people is our shadow. It is the part that you do not want to see in you, the part that you resist, the part that you even deny you have. Other people are simply mirrors who reflect your own essence. Be honest with yourself and take a deep look. Your shadow is deep within you and shapes your thoughts and behaviors creating unconscious patterns that rule your life. Only when you authentically face your shadow and acknowledge its existence can you truly transform it. By owning your shadow you can then fully step into your light. It takes going deep into your darkness, to love and accept you


MOTHER NATURE'S MEDICINE HOLDS THE KEY FOR PROFOUND HEALING. ​ Connecting to Mother Nature brings us back to who we truly are. We are returning to the place of original innocence and our primordial essence. The majesty of Gaia opens us to see beyond the horizon for a wider, deeper and higher vision. We are being called to go within and to reveal the depth and truth of our being. Here in nature we can release everything that we are not. Layers of conditioning, concepts and belief systems. Here we are unlearning, letting go and surrendering. Here we can restore and activate our source, our truest and rawest essence. ​ Union with Nature is a communion with the divine as we experience a sense of

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