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EMBRACE EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS...and how to heal them

You all have your shadow. Your darkness. Your inner demons.

Whatever you resent and triggers you in other people is our shadow. It is the part that you do not want to see in you, the part that you resist, the part that you even deny you have. Other people are simply mirrors who reflect your own essence.

Be honest with yourself and take a deep look.

Your shadow is deep within you and shapes your thoughts and behaviors creating unconscious patterns that rule your life. Only when you authentically face your shadow and acknowledge its existence can you truly transform it. By owning your shadow you can then fully step into your light. It takes going deep into your darkness, to love and accept yourself in your most fragmented and shattered Self. That is the first step to healing.

Shadow work is not for everyone.

It is not an easy process and actually quite uncomfortable. It takes radical honesty and being vulnerable to look at the parts of yourself that can be scary, shocking and disturbing. It takes being deeply vulnerable. It takes strength.

But only then, when you have accepted ALL of you, will you be capable to truly embrace your light and shine in its full splendor.

Owning your shadow will create a shift which will then create a ripple effect. Open yourself for profound transformation and you will open yourself for miracles.

Reveal yourself and unravel the intricate and mysterious tapestry of your soul. This can be a frightening experience as it requires radical honesty and transparency. Standing in your truth, your utter raw nakedness and being totally vulnerable by embracing your darkness and your light equally. Owning that ALL of this is YOU.

This is the gift you give yourself and hence your life will never be the same.

The less you judge yourself, the more clearly you will see. A shift in perception will occur as you are reclaiming your innate powers and authenticity. You will break patterns from the past. You release the shackles of struggles. It's safe to release old stories and deeply ingrained programs. It's your birthright to claim your own liberation


You might be afraid going to these dark places.

Trust me, the more darkness there is, the more light there is available for you.

I know because I have been there. But I have chosen to move into the fear and look fear straight in the eye. Now I dance with my fear. There I have found the light.

And so can you.

Your light is luminous and limitless. It is waiting for you to radiate in its full splendor.



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