Dear beautiful Friend, What have you learnt in the past 3 months? I have been deeply looking at ALL of “IT”. From the mainstream narrative to the alternative media, Health Experts, Scientists, Virologists, Truth Seekers, Freedom Fighters, Whistleblowers and Conspiracy Theorists. I looked at the “whole picture” and to me, it doesn’t quite make sense. There are too many loose ends. And yes, what I’m seeing and hearing is disturbing. And yes, it is frightening as currently EVERYTHING IS AMPLIFIED. In the end, it’s all about perspective. Evil creates the impetus to rise above. Without adversity there is no expansion. Pain is needed to refine your soul. Without darkness ther

Take the Red Pill? (May 19, 2020)

Dear beautiful friend, Are you also wondering what the heck is happening here? “2 weeks” have turned into “3 months”, “social distancing” into “house arrest”, “we are in this together” to “snitch on your neighbors”, and “Individual liberty” to “comply or pay a fine”. This is the stepping stone approach. Welcome to the world of censorship, medical tyranny and great awakenings. Everything is upside down. We are being told to stay indoors, when in fact we need sunlight, fresh air and grounding into the Earth to stay healthy and balanced. We are being told to wear a mask that has absolutely no safety protection from viruses, when in fact we need Mother Nature’s medicine especi

GOLDEN AGE (May 12, 2020)

Dear beautiful friend, Have you also been having that feeling? A deep stirring inside of you. Yes, it’s that feeling we are on the verge of a revolution. The chaos and hysteria that has been taken place in this world is erupting full force now and yes, it is leading to global transformation. There is a huge vibrational shift happening on this planet. Mass awakening of humanity. We are approaching the Golden Age. It’s been too long we have been going through the dark age and now we are in in the transition phase. However there is still some more darkness that needs to be transmuted. I have been listening to mentors, light workers and astrologists and they are all confirmi


Dear beautiful friend, How are you? Have you been frozen in fear, or simply witnessing what is happening, or have you deeply looked at how you can use this time to evolve? One thing is sure, you are here on this planet to evolve. You do so by stretching out of your comfort zone, by doing something you never done before, and by “out of the box” thinking. Evolution means cultivating higher aspects of yourself. It’s about refining yourself. Refinement comes from moving through struggles, pain and discomfort. Evolution means also to educate, upgrade, up-level and empower yourself. Now is the best time to upgrade your Health, which is the foundation of everything. Your foundation n


Dear beautiful friend, We are in monumental times. For the first time in history we are ALL in this together. And yes, it is challenging. And yes, it is scary. And yes, we are confronted to face ourselves like never before. You may call this the Great Apocalypse or The New Earth. What resonates with you? I learnt about the concept of “Reframing” many years ago and it has served me in so many ways. Reframing is looking at a situation from a different angle or a different perspective. How about looking at the current situation as a “spiritual retreat” in your own home? We all know about the many benefits of spiritual retreats. I personally have attended yoga retreats,


Dear Friends, As we are spiraling into the great mystery, I have amazing news to share: I GAVE BIRTH ! No, not to a human this time, but to my second book "Invincible Immunity" and I am offering it as a gift for you. We are in such fertile times right now and I invite you to use this time wisely. Your life force is your most precious commodity. This is truly the best time to upgrade and uplevel. We are all upgrading our electronics and our operating system of our computers on a regular basis. Why not now upgrade your own internal operating system which is our Immune System? Why not become so strong that disease has no chance? I am sharing all the tools, modalities, foods, herb


Dear beautiful friend, We are in the cocoon and going through a most intense metamorphosis. This is fertile ground for deepening into your internal wisdom. Now is the time to ask yourself the deep questions: What does really matter? What is my purpose on this planet? Who am I really? Deep down inside, without my identity and all the conditioning? What is my soul yearning to express? This is also the time to consume less and reach out more. This is the great test how well you sit with the uncomfortable and the unknown. This is a catalyst to let go of the OLD that is no longer serving you, and to enter the NEW which you cannot yet see. Its your time to wake up and grow up and


Dear beautiful friend, How are you in these interesting times? My heart is with you as these are not easy waters to navigate. Now more than ever it’s crucial to have powerful skills to turn fear into courage and challenge into opportunity. I believe this is the time of great awakening. We are being called to step out of our comfort zone and into unknown terrain. We are being called into radical service. We are being called into empowered leadership. We are being called to hold the space of unconditional love. This is also the time of the great unveiling. We are being called to look at our “ways of being” and transform them into something higher. This is the process of


My dear friend, The question is: IS FEAR REAL OR JUST AN ILLUSION? With all the media frenzy about the corona virus there is more fear than ever in our world. However the most deadly virus there is, more dangerous than the corona virus is the Fear virus. Fear not only weakens our immune system and suppresses our respiratory system, it also attacks our throat which weakens communication. With our word we create our world. Fear keeps us from living fully and stops us from doing what our heart desires. It keeps us trapped in a small world. A world of suffering and limiting beliefs and a world where we are spinning our wheels and living in survival mode. Fear imprisons us int

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