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Take the Red Pill? (May 19, 2020)

Dear beautiful friend, Are you also wondering what the heck is happening here? “2 weeks” have turned into “3 months”, “social distancing” into “house arrest”, “we are in this together” to “snitch on your neighbors”, and “Individual liberty” to “comply or pay a fine”. This is the stepping stone approach. Welcome to the world of censorship, medical tyranny and great awakenings. Everything is upside down. We are being told to stay indoors, when in fact we need sunlight, fresh air and grounding into the Earth to stay healthy and balanced. We are being told to wear a mask that has absolutely no safety protection from viruses, when in fact we need Mother Nature’s medicine especially Vitamin A, C and D, Iodine, Silver and Medicinal Mushrooms so we can build a strong immune system to fight off viruses, bacteria and disease. We are being forced to “social distancing”, when in fact we need human touch, sharing smiles and hugs so we can be emotionally balanced and nourished. It is scientifically proven that joy, laughter, affection and human closeness is the best remedy against depression and anxiety. Hugs reduce stress, boost heart health, protect you from illness, increase oxytocin levels and uplift your mood. Nature heals us from physical pain, calms our mind and nourishes our spirit. She balances our hormones & emotions and boosts immunity. Hugs and connections tune you into the higher frequency of bliss and love. In this frequency you become immune to fear and you can conquer challenges easy. Being locked in and disconnected from the Earth & Humans is a crime against humanity. This is just my humble opinion and you may take it or leave. It is absolutely mind boggling to me that many people would rather take a pill made in a laboratory to cover up their symptoms instead of using what Nature offers us to build a powerful immune system. The only pill that I take is the red pill :))) For those of you who haven’t seen the movie “The Matrix”, taking the red pill will free your mind and open you up to the (often painful) Truth. By taking the blue pill you will stay in blissful ignorance. Are you ready to take the red pill? Then follow me deep down the rabbit hole. To be continued… May you stay curious for Truth and Freedom, Sabina

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