Dear beautiful soul, We live on the most abundant planet. Prosperity and Beauty is all around us. The world is truly such a magnificent place, filled with awe and wonder. Sadly, for many people it is challenging out there. They are enthralled in low level conversations, hypnotized by an agenda of a certain paradigm. If you feel yourself stuck in these conversations, it is crucial to unplug from all the “noise” and align to your soul’s purpose. The matrix feeds on victim consciousness. The soul thrives on creative solutions and empowered perspectives. . This is a loving reminder to observe yourself and practice discernment. It is so easy to fall into the trap. It’s up


Good morning Beloveds, Good morning to a beautiful day and good morning to a beautiful life. I honor your presence in my life and I celebrate you. I choose to celebrate life. Period. Not just today, but any day. With every moment, with every breath. No matter what is happening in the world, I choose to focus on the light. I celebrate the beauty that is available in each precious moment. And there is so much out there… the more I look the more I find. How are you celebrating today the precious gift of being alive? How are you cherishing the beauty in your life? Thank you life for your magnificent gift. What an honor to walk the path of light in these glorious times. Ready to take on any


Dear beautiful friend, The cat is out of the bag!! This virus has spread like wildfire… However NOT the virus of corona but the virus of corruption. We are literally and metaphorically at war. A war against darkness and a war against Luciferian forces. A war against an agenda that is all about divide and rule. A war of freedom versus tyranny. Now more than ever, we need you to drop the story and live the glory. Drop the story of being a victim and not feeling in control. Live the glory of being a true spiritual warrior. You are a Spiritual Warrior if you are challenging the dream spell of fear, control, lies, false beliefs, and programs that create suffering, scarcity and


Dear beautiful friend, Take a deep breath. Breathe in the love that is available for you. Feel the love amplifying and blossoming through you. Expand expand expand. Breathe out the love. Out out out. Create a tidal wave with your breath. Surround the entire planet. Become a breathing fountain of love. Thank you. Our planet needs this more than ever. With the devil lurking over our shoulder and the majority of humanity choosing to be masked and constricting their innate breathing power. Our breath anchors us back into our true essence and authentic inner power. Our breath is an amplification tool for the crystalline light codes that will shift humanity. Remember what yo


You are being called. YES YOU, beautiful friend! You are being called to participate in the evolution of humanity. You are being called to unfold your highest Self. You are being called to hold a new vision. Love is calling you. She has been calling you your entire life but now she is screaming loudly. Do not ignore the call any longer. Do not fall back asleep. When you follow the call you are stepping in the greatest initiation of life. It is a sacred “lover’s tryst” with the presence of the Divine. We are at a crucial tipping point. Our civilization will either crumble and succumb into darkness or humanity will evolve into a new dimension of awakening. It all depe

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