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Dear beautiful soul, We live on the most abundant planet. Prosperity and Beauty is all around us. The world is truly such a magnificent place, filled with awe and wonder. Sadly, for many people it is challenging out there. They are enthralled in low level conversations, hypnotized by an agenda of a certain paradigm. If you feel yourself stuck in these conversations, it is crucial to unplug from all the “noise” and align to your soul’s purpose. The matrix feeds on victim consciousness. The soul thrives on creative solutions and empowered perspectives. . This is a loving reminder to observe yourself and practice discernment. It is so easy to fall into the trap. It’s up to you to create the world you would like to live in. It starts with a vision. If you don’t have a vision you will be like a feather in the wind. Tossed around by the waves of emotions and simply drifting through life. With a vision comes aligned actions and inspiring thoughts that strengthen the vision. You speak it, sing it, feel it, and live into your vision in every moment. You let the powers of creation work through you. You become a vessel of the Divine. Your life is a blank canvas. You can paint this canvas any way you choose. Your masterpiece emerges from the deep recesses of your soul. From there you make the strokes and create the hues of colors that invoke the beauty, kindness, magic and abundance that is your true YOU. Ask yourself: What wants to emerge from you right now? And what are you willing to let go of? Which conversations will you no longer engage in? Remember: You are here to support the transition to a new era. Your soul knows this. If you ignore your gifts any longer then the universe will force you into your task. Divine forces are going to push you into your purpose. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. When you let go of fear, the truth will appear. You are loved beyond anything you ever thought possible. Sabina

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