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Dear beautiful friend, The cat is out of the bag!! This virus has spread like wildfire… However NOT the virus of corona but the virus of corruption. We are literally and metaphorically at war. A war against darkness and a war against Luciferian forces. A war against an agenda that is all about divide and rule. A war of freedom versus tyranny. Now more than ever, we need you to drop the story and live the glory. Drop the story of being a victim and not feeling in control. Live the glory of being a true spiritual warrior. You are a Spiritual Warrior if you are challenging the dream spell of fear, control, lies, false beliefs, and programs that create suffering, scarcity and unhappiness in your life. According to Toltec wisdom a spiritual warrior must possess awareness, courage, discipline and commitment. Awareness to see beyond the veils of appearances and illusions. Courage to face the battles and go against the status quo. Discipline to keep going no matter what. Each time you fall, you get back up again. Giving up is not an option. Commitment to the path of love and light. Loving yourself every step of the process and then extending this love out to humanity & the planet. Ready for the battle? Pick up your sword and wage war against darkness. You are divinely appointed to carry the light torch. Your challenges are tailor made for your own evolution. They make you more YOU and provide opportunity to step into higher reflections of yourself. You came here on this planet to uplift humanity through your radiant light force. You are not helping anyone by hiding in fear or social distancing in your home. You are needed on the front lines. Hence you become a blazing flame burning ever so brightly. You become a roaring thunder. The greatest threat to the forces of corruption are embodied awakened leaders. You have a powerful part to play in the symphony of consciousness. There is no more procrastinating any longer…It’s past the 11th hour. So do it NOW. Sing your song. Dance your rhythm. Speak your voice. Paint your beauty. Rise as a sacred activist. Say NO to agendas that are not in alignment with the highest light. Your instrument connects you to source, your divinity and your inner guidance system. I salute you for taking the high ground. Let’s take our planet back. Together it is possible. To sovereignty and divine love, Sabina

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