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Good morning Beloveds,

Good morning to a beautiful day and good morning to a beautiful life. I honor your presence in my life and I celebrate you.

I choose to celebrate life. Period. Not just today, but any day. With every moment, with every breath. No matter what is happening in the world, I choose to focus on the light.

I celebrate the beauty that is available in each precious moment. And there is so much out there… the more I look the more I find.

How are you celebrating today the precious gift of being alive? How are you cherishing the beauty in your life?

Thank you life for your magnificent gift. What an honor to walk the path of light in these glorious times. Ready to take on any battle and to walk into any storm. Equipped with an arsenal of top tier tools. Yes, life, bring it on!

Finally at this point when I wake up each day with overflowing joy in my heart. Never thought that was possible. But yes, it is! And there is more on the way…

Have you ever imagined how it would be like if you could just push a reset button on your life?

Have you thought about shifting your perspective on life from “life is happening to me” to “life is happening for me”?

How about becoming a gold digger? Looking for the gold in any challenge, no matter how dark or heavy it might be.

Trust me. There is always gold underneath. You just have to dig deep enough. And go all the way down the rabbit holes to find it.

When most of humanity is clouded by the world of appearances, I choose to rise in sacred sovereignty and celebrate life to its fullest with all the sweetness & magic it has to offer. Blessed to be with a little angel who always reminds me who I am and what I stand for.

Two decades of my life I was lost in suffering, self destructive behavior patterns and chasing "illusions of happiness". Until I had a painful awakening and committed to not waste another day in such paradigm.

How about you? Do you spend your day simply surviving or caught up in the hamster wheel of menial tasks, mediocrity and moments of quiet desperation?

Do you feel that nothing ever gets better no matter how hard you try, and even that life is passing you by?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then I invite you to consider doing the deep shadow work.

Shadow work is extremely powerful and has freed me from much self-inflicted suffering. It is about facing every aspect of yourself, without self-deception and illusion, and without shame or guilt. Shadow work is about embracing it ALL and loving yourself in your most fragmented and shattered Self. This is not an easy process and requires radical honesty, vulnerability and loving the people who are your worst triggers. They provide the greatest treasures for you. They show you the parts in you that are hidden, denied or resisted. Once these aspects are revealed, accepted and integrated then you will find expansion and freedom beyond your wildest dreams.

Running away from your shadows is what trips you up. It is what causes you to self-sabotage. It is what has you not go after your dreams and stay stuck in fear.

I am teaching shadow work in my workshops and also in my mentorship program. If you like to hear more please reach out for a discovery call at

Sharing the joy, spreading the magic, on the path to freedom…Unstoppable!


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