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You are being called. YES YOU, beautiful friend! You are being called to participate in the evolution of humanity. You are being called to unfold your highest Self. You are being called to hold a new vision. Love is calling you. She has been calling you your entire life but now she is screaming loudly. Do not ignore the call any longer. Do not fall back asleep. When you follow the call you are stepping in the greatest initiation of life. It is a sacred “lover’s tryst” with the presence of the Divine. We are at a crucial tipping point. Our civilization will either crumble and succumb into darkness or humanity will evolve into a new dimension of awakening. It all depends how many people are choosing to participate in the great awakening. If enough people are holding the frequency of love and freedom, we can create a vibratory field that can lead to mass awakening. We have been led down the wrong path for too long and relied on outside forces to govern us. Patriarchy, Colonization and Separation have hijacked the psyche of humanity. We have the power to put an end to this. To find our way forward, we must tune into the field of higher consciousness, the unseen realm, ancient wisdom and the Divine. When you tune into this field you make something welcome. You open yourself for magic to come through you. Please know that YOU are always divinely guided when you learn to trust and listen to your intuition within. This requires staying away from ALL mainstream media. It is funded and controlled by big Pharma and the global elite. The news are simply a well orchestrated advertising campaign for their agenda. It is not about truth but about fear, divide and rule. This agenda was created without our consent and is not supportive for the wellbeing of humanity. Enough people need to say NO and withdraw their consent from the agenda. This call is urgent as time is running out.

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