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Dear beautiful friend, Take a deep breath. Breathe in the love that is available for you. Feel the love amplifying and blossoming through you. Expand expand expand. Breathe out the love. Out out out. Create a tidal wave with your breath. Surround the entire planet. Become a breathing fountain of love. Thank you. Our planet needs this more than ever. With the devil lurking over our shoulder and the majority of humanity choosing to be masked and constricting their innate breathing power. Our breath anchors us back into our true essence and authentic inner power. Our breath is an amplification tool for the crystalline light codes that will shift humanity. Remember what you came here for. Fear divides us and love unites us. All choices come either from fear or from love. You cannot be in both frequencies at the same time. I hear so many people recently talk about love. However their choices show otherwise and the underlying fear is all so obvious. The mind is the great trickster. It lures you into thought pattern that are deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness.These thoughts are not your own thoughts, but simply regurgitations of the collective field. Your superpower lies in discernment. I invite you to ask yourself the following questions: Who do you listen to? Is the message serving the highest interest of humanity & the planet, or is there an agenda underneath? Love never has an agenda but unfolds herself in her most divine expression. Are you simply following “orders” and go along with what everyone else is doing? In that case, I have to be radically honest now and let you know that you are immersed in the fear vibration. Because love does not follow, but creates her own “agreement field”. Are you willing to go against the herd? And choose the path that is based on sovereignty, truth and freedom? This path is so often very uncomfortable. But when you face the discomfort and use your breathing power through the process, then fear will loose its grip over you. Hence You become a true alchemist and a master of your destiny. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. The moment you succumb to a low frequency based on fear you have diverted from the love frequency and as a result you are limiting yourself in your highest unfolding. You are driving with your brakes on. A free soul cannot be censored, indoctrinated nor controlled. Because her nature is always sovereign, always aligned to truth and always evolving into the highest radiance. She tends her inner garden. Builds a strong magnetic field. A radiance so vibrant that infiltrations from dark forces cannot enter. This means freeing body, mind and spirit from any outside system of control through Cleansing, Fasting, Breathing, Movement, Meditation. Anchoring deep into Mother Nature. Remember: No one and nothing has power over you…unless you allow them to have power over you. To love and sovereignty, Sabina

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