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Dear Friends, As we are spiraling into the great mystery, I have amazing news to share: I GAVE BIRTH ! No, not to a human this time, but to my second book "Invincible Immunity" and I am offering it as a gift for you. We are in such fertile times right now and I invite you to use this time wisely. Your life force is your most precious commodity. This is truly the best time to upgrade and uplevel. We are all upgrading our electronics and our operating system of our computers on a regular basis. Why not now upgrade your own internal operating system which is our Immune System? Why not become so strong that disease has no chance? I am sharing all the tools, modalities, foods, herbs and supplements that I have studied, researched and experimented on myself for over 25 years. These tools are effective and they create powerful results. There is no better time than Now to educate and empower yourself so you can rise above any challenge, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Holistic Health is an integrative process. Body, Mind & Sprit. And remember: It is not normal that we get sick. This is a complete myth. You can have invincible immunity. "They" just don't teach you this in school and you don't hear this in the fear mongering mainstream media. You can have optimal health, vibrant energy, deep inner joy and radiance at any age. It's available for you if you so choose. With so much love, Sabina

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