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Dear beautiful friend, We are in monumental times. For the first time in history we are ALL in this together. And yes, it is challenging. And yes, it is scary. And yes, we are confronted to face ourselves like never before. You may call this the Great Apocalypse or The New Earth. What resonates with you? I learnt about the concept of “Reframing” many years ago and it has served me in so many ways. Reframing is looking at a situation from a different angle or a different perspective. How about looking at the current situation as a “spiritual retreat” in your own home? We all know about the many benefits of spiritual retreats. I personally have attended yoga retreats, meditation retreats, silent retreats, fasting retreats and many other transformational retreats. So often they were uncomfortable but each time I completed it with as a new perspective on life, a renewed life force, an overflow of creative inspiration and with an “upgraded” version of myself. So here we go: YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON YOUR OWN PRIVATE SPIRITUAL RETREAT!!! This might be the time to stay away from the media, limit electronics and really listen. Listen to your inner voice instead of all the voices out there that are screaming so loudly. Listen what wants to be birthed from deep within? Instead of contracting in fear, how can you expand in fear? Instead of just observing what is happening, how can you be a conscious creator of your life right now? This retreat is calling you on a deep soul level to change old patterns and structures. This “retreat” brings out everything in you that is not in alignment with the “New Paradigm” and needs to shift. This retreat is your moment for unleashed self-expression This retreat is your mirror. You are faced with your fears, your doubts and your false identities. And yes, it is time to take off your mask!!! Ironically they are telling you to put on your mask, when truly we have to take off our masks and become “spiritually naked, raw and real” This is the opportunity to be super courageous to face ALL of you and love yourself in this vulnerable and often ugly process. This is the time to rise as a Spiritual Warrior. Leading a battle with your inner demons. Slaying the dragon with the sword of your Truth. Meanwhile ALWAYS honor your feelings and move through them with grace, without getting stuck in them. ALL YOUR SPIRITUAL WORK HAS PREPARED YOU FOR THIS MOMENT. This is the true test: How well can you be with the unknown? We Humans have been on the constant search for meaning outside of Self. Searching for love through other people. Looking for fulfillment through material objects and social status. This is total illusion. This “Retreat” can stop the illusion. If you so choose. Now is the time to know that true meaning is living the fullest emanation of ALL of you. Speaking your truth, expressing your passion, living from your soul and contributing to others by sharing your gifts. When you live from your soul purpose then it doesn’t matter what is happening outside of you. You will always feel full. Your are deeply committed to shining your lights so brightly, simply because you choose to be the light. A flower doesn’t need to be told to blossom, nor does it compete with another flower, it just blossoms. Be the light. Be the flower. Be the warrior. Be it Now. Don’t wait until the situation becomes “more comfortable” True heroes are born in times of war, not in “comfortable” times. With love, Sabina

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