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Dear beautiful friend, How are you? Have you been frozen in fear, or simply witnessing what is happening, or have you deeply looked at how you can use this time to evolve? One thing is sure, you are here on this planet to evolve. You do so by stretching out of your comfort zone, by doing something you never done before, and by “out of the box” thinking. Evolution means cultivating higher aspects of yourself. It’s about refining yourself. Refinement comes from moving through struggles, pain and discomfort. Evolution means also to educate, upgrade, up-level and empower yourself. Now is the best time to upgrade your Health, which is the foundation of everything. Your foundation needs to be rock solid strong otherwise it’s like building a house on sand. When a storm comes it will grumble. That’s what’s happening to many people right now. They are so afraid of the invisible enemy out there that their life is grumbling. Health is Wealth. Without Health you have nothing. Sadly our medical system is about Disease Management and not Health Care. It’s about addressing the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. This approach has not worked and will never work. Also it has become obvious that we are being mislead and the Truth about Health is not being revealed in the mainstream media nor is it being taught in schools. Instead of being dependent on a system that is about mandatory medicine and a “one size fits all" model, why not truly take charge of your life and build a personal health regime for your individual system? Why not use the time right now to learn the pillars of holistic health and preventive medicine? This is true “health insurance” and not a model that is based on putting on bandaids, masking the symptoms and temporary “fixes” that so often have side effects. When you build a strong body, an empowered mindset and deep connection to spirit, then you can be immune to diseases, negative people, challenging situations, chaos and pandemics. You will have a top tier arsenal of tools. And for sure you will know to live from your Truth. Your foundation will be rock solid strong. Ready to face any storm and any crisis. With a smile:) You are so tuned in with yourself that you can sense right away which food works for your individual body and also which energies you resonate with and which ones to stay away from. When you are aligned you become a living embodied alchemist. I am so excited to share that I have used this time to develop a new program “Health Alchemy & Mastery” that is all about creating optimal holistic health, super charged energy and pro-youthening. This offering entails: - Ancient wisdom and cutting edge tools - High vibe nutrition based on strong scientific foundation - Cultivation of Natural beauty and slowing down the aging process - Integrate raw living foods and super foods in your diet - Ancient herbalism from Ayurvedic, Chinese and Amazonian Medicine - Detoxification methods for effective cleansing - Create an invincible Immune system so you don’t have to be afraid of illness - Optimal digestion - Balance hormones naturally - Improvement of brain function - Understanding of disease and learn the pitfall to avoid - Develop powerful mindset tools - Learn to live from your soul’s purpose So here is my special offer for you. “Health Alchemy & Mastery” is a 2 months mentorship program where I work with you 1:1 and together we look at all your challenges. We then create an individualized plan to move your health to the next level so you will see results in your wellbeing and energy and have more clarity in your life. You will be deeply supported and lovingly held accountable with homework, daily practices and supplements and foods to be added in your diet. You need also be open to eliminate certain foods out of your diet and to make lifestyle changes. During all my childhood I struggled with many illnesses. I was called a frail child and my parents would send me to doctors but no treatment would ever create healing. It then became my life’s mission to create the best health ever. I started researching holistic nutrition and the human body and then experimenting on myself. I have been studying with leading health experts, masters, herbalists, shamans, healers, light workers and coaches. Hence I was able to transform all my health challenges including emotional challenges. This has allowed me to developed refined intuition and being able to hear in one conversation what limits others. Remember: you cannot see your own blind spots! Whether you have low energy, like to lose weight, struggle with depression or anxiety, suffer from inflammatory conditions etc or you like to add more radiance to your appearance, there is a solution. Healing the root cause can mean f.ex. tweaking your diet, adding necessary herbs and supplements, detoxing your system from harmful organisms and addressing the emotional root of the symptoms. Deep lasting transformation must address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual part of you. . I have combined all the tools and modalities that I have studied and experimented on for more than 25 years and which caused massive results for myself and for people I worked with. I am offering you a shortcut so you don’t waste your precious time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. And you don’t need to make the same mistakes as I did. These healing modalities are effective and will create upgrades in a short time, often even instantly. A client of mine was asked by her doctor what she was doing after I put her on a simple detox program. If you like to know more about this offering then I invite you to book a discovery call with me at With love and light, Sabina

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