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GOLDEN AGE (May 12, 2020)

Dear beautiful friend, Have you also been having that feeling? A deep stirring inside of you. Yes, it’s that feeling we are on the verge of a revolution. The chaos and hysteria that has been taken place in this world is erupting full force now and yes, it is leading to global transformation. There is a huge vibrational shift happening on this planet. Mass awakening of humanity. We are approaching the Golden Age. It’s been too long we have been going through the dark age and now we are in in the transition phase. However there is still some more darkness that needs to be transmuted. I have been listening to mentors, light workers and astrologists and they are all confirming this. No wonder so many people are frozen, lost, or simply become passive observers of life. It’s such exciting times to witness how much corruption is being exposed and to hear doctors, nurses, funeral home owners and whistleblowers speak up of “what is really happening” here. The SH** is truly bubbling to the surface. It is not pretty but so necessary for the toxic clean up of our beautiful planet so we can ultimately usher in the New Earth. The amnesia on this planet will end as we ultimately remember our divine Nature. Yes there is fear. But we don’t need to get frozen in fear but rather use it as fuel to move through it with courage. Yes there is isolation. But there doesn’t need to be loneliness but rather necessary time to reflect, recalibrate and re-invent. Yes there is sickness. But there is an opportunity to detox and upgrade body, mind and spirit. Yes, there is panic buying but also the awakening that we don’t need so many things and that there is so much abundance available on this planet and true prosperity lies in appreciating the simplicity of life. Yes there is control. But you can only be controlled if you allow yourself to be controlled. Yes, there is medical tyranny but this is a wakeup call to say No and rise up and be a stand for medical freedom. Yes there are lies. But thankfully many people are not buying into the deception anymore. Yes there is death. But there is also the rebirth of love. A love deeper and higher than we ever experienced before. A love and appreciation of life in its purest form. Instead of watching life on the screen and be a sitting duck subject to the outcome, how about stepping into the front lines, having your voice heard and owning your sovereignty? Remember your life is a beautiful blank canvas that you are invited to paint upon. Take your brush and make your stroke. Make it vibrant and orgasmic. Remember you are a sovereign being. You always have been and you always will be. It’s simply that we have forgotten. Or we have been told otherwise. Awaken within the dream spell. It's time to reclaim your throne of sovereignty. You either own it or you don’t. The choice is yours. With love, Sabina

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