Dear beautiful friend, How are you in these interesting times? My heart is with you as these are not easy waters to navigate. Now more than ever it’s crucial to have powerful skills to turn fear into courage and challenge into opportunity. I believe this is the time of great awakening. We are being called to step out of our comfort zone and into unknown terrain. We are being called into radical service. We are being called into empowered leadership. We are being called to hold the space of unconditional love. This is also the time of the great unveiling. We are being called to look at our “ways of being” and transform them into something higher. This is the process of alchemy. Turning lead into gold. How can you turn your “lead“ of struggles and turn it into gold? We refine through struggle, suffering and pain. It connects us more to our true Self. We become more empathetic and compassionate. We are being called at a