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Dear beautiful friend, How are you in these interesting times? My heart is with you as these are not easy waters to navigate. Now more than ever it’s crucial to have powerful skills to turn fear into courage and challenge into opportunity. I believe this is the time of great awakening. We are being called to step out of our comfort zone and into unknown terrain. We are being called into radical service. We are being called into empowered leadership. We are being called to hold the space of unconditional love. This is also the time of the great unveiling. We are being called to look at our “ways of being” and transform them into something higher. This is the process of alchemy. Turning lead into gold. How can you turn your “lead“ of struggles and turn it into gold? We refine through struggle, suffering and pain. It connects us more to our true Self. We become more empathetic and compassionate. We are being called at a deeper level to shift and change old patterns & structures. Most people are not willing to face themselves until they get pushed to the edge. Now here we are!!! That’s why this is the time of great awakening. Will you leap with courage? Or will you desperately cling to the old ways out of fear? Now is your time to choose. And yes, it’s important to honor all your feelings. Fear and pain can be amazing catalysts. As long as you don’t dwell in it, and let fear own you. Otherwise you will be like a feather in the wind. Now is the time to hold your center point even amidst the storm. And to walk in sovereignty amidst the chaos. And to carry your light torch amidst the darkest darkness. I am with you. We are all in this together. I have many free offerings coming up to support you in this process. For those who missed it, I will be doing 2 more facebook lives on creating invincible immunity & how to navigate through stress, anxiety and challenging times. The first one will be today, Thurs, at 4pm EST where I will be sharing simple effective tools that are free or very affordable. HERE: The second will be Friday at 4pm EST where I will be sharing more advanced tools & supplements & herbs. HERE: I will also be offering an free online cacao ceremony next week so please stay tuned…. I am sending love and light from my heart to yours. May you be safe, protected and divinely guided. Sabina

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