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Dear beautiful friend, We are in the cocoon and going through a most intense metamorphosis. This is fertile ground for deepening into your internal wisdom. Now is the time to ask yourself the deep questions:

  • What does really matter?

  • What is my purpose on this planet?

  • Who am I really? Deep down inside, without my identity and all the conditioning?

  • What is my soul yearning to express?

This is also the time to consume less and reach out more. This is the great test how well you sit with the uncomfortable and the unknown. This is a catalyst to let go of the OLD that is no longer serving you, and to enter the NEW which you cannot yet see. Its your time to wake up and grow up and step up. This is an amazing opportunity to BE with ALL of IT. And yes, it is uncomfortable. And yes, it can be painful. For some of you it might be HELL!!! But we all know that the most beautiful butterflies have emerged out of the ugliest darkest cocoons. So this is YOUR time!!! Don’t miss this golden opportunity to rise up and shine. The world needs your strength and your light more than ever. There is no coincidence that corona means “The Illuminated One” I am asking you: What can you do right now to step up and rise up like never before? How can you blast your light so brightly out into this world? You are in the cocoon. That is the place where the strongest wings are created. Many souls are completely lost in the fear paradigm. They cannot see a way out. But you are awake and you know the beautiful colors that await on the other side. You are a leader and can make a huge difference for others. What action can you take right now to support humanity? Think deep. Your contribution is needed for the Great Awakening. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! And always remember to keep your immune system super strong. Not just in times of a health crisis. AT ALL TIMES!!! Over the past 2 weeks I have been writing my second book “Invincible Immunity” and my goal is to complete it by the end of next week. It will be my free gift to you, dear beautiful friend. I believe anyone needs this life changing information to stay empowered amidst ANY challenge. Stay tuned… Sending lots of love and light, Sabina

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