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Dear beautiful Friend, What have you learnt in the past 3 months? I have been deeply looking at ALL of “IT”. From the mainstream narrative to the alternative media, Health Experts, Scientists, Virologists, Truth Seekers, Freedom Fighters, Whistleblowers and Conspiracy Theorists. I looked at the “whole picture” and to me, it doesn’t quite make sense. There are too many loose ends. And yes, what I’m seeing and hearing is disturbing. And yes, it is frightening as currently EVERYTHING IS AMPLIFIED. In the end, it’s all about perspective. Evil creates the impetus to rise above. Without adversity there is no expansion. Pain is needed to refine your soul. Without darkness there is no light. We need opposing dualistic energies to overcome. Otherwise we don’t have the depth of contrast from which to elevate our consciousness. The greatest story ever told is not without struggle and suffering. However it can be challenging terrain to navigate without a solid foundation. A foundation of a daily spiritual practice in combination with a dedicated holistic health regime. There is a battle going on right now between darkness and light, between forgetting and remembering. What are you focusing on right now? Are you creating a vibrational intention each day or are you reacting to appearances? Are you aware which energies you are allowing to enter your field? Are you nourishing yourself each day with real food from Mother Nature, clean air, clean water, sunshine and beauty? Are you making choices that come from your heart or are you just simply following along what everyone else is doing? Are you accessing the joy paradigm? Joy and Laughter catapult you out of the “ordinary” into the “extraordinary” realm. This is the realm filled with bliss peaked waves and where the highest emanation of your embodiment springs forth. IT IS THE REALM OF THE SOVEREIGN YOU and where you are freeing yourself. If enough people are accessing this realm we can shift the consciousness of our planet. We can free humanity from enslavement. Ask yourself what wants to be set free within you? Make Now the moment to reflect and to remember And then continue to remember to remember. In each moment. With each breath. To your Truth, Freedom and Joy, Sabina I am still available for the month of May for coaching by donation for anyone who is going through a challenging time and needs support to shift your perspective. In June I will be hosting Cacao ceremonies and Immunity workshops in upstate NY as places are beginning to open up.

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