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Connecting to Mother Nature brings us back to who we truly are.

We are returning to the place of original innocence and our primordial essence. The majesty of Gaia opens us to see beyond the horizon for a wider, deeper and higher vision. We are being called to go within and to reveal the depth and truth of our being. Here in nature we can release everything that we are not. Layers of conditioning, concepts and belief systems.

Here we are unlearning, letting go and surrendering. Here we can restore and activate our source, our truest and rawest essence.

Union with Nature is a communion with the divine as we experience a sense of oneness, openness and limitlessness. In this sacred space we are well contained, self-fulfilled and do not need anything from anyone. When we experience this powerful state of completeness and wholeness we are living from the overflow. In overflow mode others can simply pass through our field and are being given everything they need.

Nature's medicine is profound soul medicine.

It is about recalibrating, restoring and remembering. Human beings are self balancing. Our emotions are just a part of a cycle of recalibration. Nature will guide us into finding a new mid-point. Her beauty opens up our senses and psychic awareness. As we tune into the electromagnetic pulse of the Earth we are igniting an ecstatic and holy experience. We are being activated to step into our highest potential. The cosmic source of creation is at full force.

We are our own healers and Nature supports us with the medicine we need.

I express only my deepest gratitude for the pain I had to go through which has catapulted me to the infinite healing powers of my medicine.

When we drop into full body awareness we will receive the messages. With our heart wide open and at a high intuitive level we are allowing full stream information flowing to us from source. All the answers to our questions are found there.

Healing comes from deep within. It happens within us, through us and of us.

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