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Dear beautiful soul, My heart breaks when I speak to brilliant, spiritual and heart centered people about their purpose and they say, “I’m just not ready.” Because I know what it means to waste year after year not creating an impact with doing what you love because you feel you are not ready. You cannot wait until it’s the “right” time or the “right” circumstance to get started. Because you will be waiting all your life. You get ready by starting. Deep down inside you know that your time is Now and not tomorrow. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. But we humans tend to tell ourselves excuses why we are not ready, and the most common excuses are: I don’t have the time and I don’t have the money. These are excuses that come from being stuck in victimhood. The truth is: there is infinite time and infinite money available for ALL of us. And the question is NOT how much resources do you have, but rather how resourceful are you? There is infinite abundance in the universe and if you need money for something that you truly believe in and commit with your heart & soul to it, then you will find the money. Scarcity and limiting beliefs keep you stuck in hell and never truly living fully. There is infinite time available. Just sit in meditation and deeply tune in and you will experience the infinity of All. Time actually slows down in meditation and when you tune into those deeper dimensions and out of the linear realm there is no such thing as time anyway. Time is an illusion and simply a concept created in our mind and only bound by linear thinking. The concept of time enslaves us and keeps us stuck in our own prison. Anyone who has studied the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza or sat in ceremony with the Sacred Plant Medicines will agree. The actually feeling of not being ready is simply fear. Fear of stepping into the unknown. Fear of taking a risk. Fear of stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. . Fear can be your limiter or your lover… Fear can be a dream killer or it propel you right toward your greatest desires. Fear can paralyze you or it can be a catalyst to take massive action. Which one do you choose? How about treating fear as your lover? How about telling fear to bring it on baby!!! And you move, and you breathe, and you dance, and you shake and you moan and you burn…through all the emotions that show up ….and as you release yourself to the other side. It does get really good on the other side:))) I know this so well, because I have been there. I have been on both sides. And continue to be on both sides. Because no matter how much spiritual work you do and no matter how successful you are, you will still encounter fear. It’s simply a sign that you have reached a barrier to the next level. Next level of abundance. Next level of love. And there’s always a next level. So don’t let fear stop you but do it anyway. On the other side of fear lies freedom. On the other side lies joy and ecstasy. Are you ready to experience profound pleasure, scintillating joy and rapturous ecstasy? It’s available. And it’s available for you. It’s 2020 and a new paradigm of joy is here… If you are choosing joy, book a breakthrough call here: With so much love, Sabina

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