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Dear beautiful soul, We’re celebrating the dawn of a new decade and NOW is the perfect time to ask yourself the following question: From now on will I start living in alignment with my soul’s purpose or will I continue to live at the effect of my circumstances? Let’s reflect for a moment on what it means to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Over the past years I have mentored many people that created powerful breakthroughs in all areas of their life, such as: Manifesting incredible opportunities out of nowhere. Quitting a job that was unfulfilling and embarking on a career path they were passionate about and inspiring others along the way. Transforming their health to the next level that even their doctor asked what they were doing. Leaving a relationship that was abusive and stepping into leadership having their voice heard after years of playing small. At the core of all these transformations is “getting into alignment”. This means getting in alignment with your purpose, your genius, your authentic Self, and the unique gift that you came here to embody. Over the last 2 years I have helped heart centered professionals on their path on defining what their soul’s purpose is and how to unlock it, so they can start living their full potential. Please remember this, in every moment of your life YOU have the choice how YOU are going to show up. You can choose living from your purpose or from your limitation. Which one do you choose for 2020? If you choose purpose, then I am thrilled to share with on how you can create this: You are probably stuck in the following: In a job that is uninspiring and are dreaming about something that sparks your passion while creating an impact in this world. You are playing it small and “safe” in your life but you know deep down inside there is much more out there for you. Or Your relationships with others are often challenging and you don’t feel heard and understood. You are longing for authentic relationships, deep connections, meaningful conversations and creative collaboration. Or You have some kind of idea about your purpose but you have low energy and have no motivation nor enthusiasm to get anything started. You tend to procrastinate things or even believe that you are not ready yet or it’s too hard to make changes. Which one is resonating? Maybe all three? Whatever it is, I can help you. I can show you a plan that will illuminate your path to your soul’s purpose. And it is my offer for you for 2020. I have created results in all 3 areas for people. If I can create results for them, I can also create it for you. I have taken some time aside next week to speak to you and together we can create a plan for you how to achieve results for you in any of the 3 areas. The plan will support you in: Connecting to your true essence and living life from your soul’s purpose so you can launch a conscious business. Learning how to live in a state of flow and experience more freedom and joy as you struggle less. I know this sounds like a big promise but I have seen people create miraculous results and I can say with confidence that it’s possible for you too. The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and open you up to new perspectives that you haven’t thought of. It is an innovative & integrative approach and transcends any old and outdated business or productivity strategies. I know this path works and I often seen it work instantly. And I Know if you stay coachable, committed, open-minded, and resourceful, there is NO limit to what you can achieve. Please know that This is NOT for Everybody. This is for you if you are a heart-centered individual who believes in providing real lasting value in your services. And your service creates a positive impact for humanity and this planet. This offer is for you if you know you are here for something greater in this world and you have genuine knowledge or expertise that helps people solve problems of life or in their business. 2. You MUST be someone who is willing to take action and also is able to follow directions and be open to new innovative ideas and cutting edge strategies. You must be 100% coachable, decisive and resourceful. This offer is not for you if you are If you’re going to argue for your limitations and play the victim. It is not for you if you are blaming others or outside situations for your results. You MUST be open and curious to conversations around mindset, vibration and energy. If ALL this resonates with you then I invite you to book a conversation with me where we will explore in an enjoyable way how we can best serve your highest evolution. By the end of our conversation, you will experience a shift in energy because of the space that has been held for you and you will gain clarity on how to move forward. This is the first step in signaling to the universe that you’re ready for your next level. I have set some time aside for you this week: Wednesday 11 am- 8 pm Thursday 10am -noon and 5-8 pm Friday 10 am - noon and to schedule a conversation click here: Our call will go 45-60 minutes, and it will be a wonderful investment of your time aligning to your deepest soul essence. Please know that I only have a few spots available and this offer is only available for this week so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. With so much love, Sabina

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