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Greetings beautiful friend,

As we close the chapter of an entire decade, 10 years seem like a fleeting moment and at the same time infinite timelessness. I am reflecting back, and wow, what a journey it has been! Filled with tremendous challenges, profound transformation & magic beyond my wildest dreams. To say I went through metamorphosis is truly an understatement. Most importantly, there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for you. For your presence. It's so important to celebrate our successes and accomplishments. Not just on the New Year, but in every moment of Now. What are you grateful for? And what are you celebrating? What has made your heart sing and your spirit fly? Here are some major milestones I am celebrating:

  • Giving Birth.

Giving life to a human being is already a miracle in itself and feeling beyond blessed to a child that is always happy, always smiling and never sick!! I have learnt to see the world anew with awe & wonder.

  • Experiencing optimal health, vibrant energy and creative inspiration on a daily basis. I have seen the exact opposite for the first 2 decades of my life so Longevity is truly the grandest gift ever.

  • Having moved from a small apartment in the city into a 2000 square foot country home, nestled in the forest on 5 acres of land, close to a lake. Deeply anchoring into Mother Earth is my daily medicine.

  • Made the transition from part time jobs that were no longer in alignment with my highest Self to a full time life as a spiritual entrepreneur. Living life on my terms, location free, coaching clients globally, leading transformational retreats & sacred cacao ceremonies, and being of service to humanity & the planet.

  • Peru, Costa Rica, here I come…

All this came through despite the many obstacles, such as going through divorce, 2 court cases, financial disaster, 8 years of single motherhood, being heart-broken from a painful break-up with abandonment and betrayal, death of my mom, struggling with Lyme’s disease, just to name a few… Facing adversity has taught me to see opportunities in any challenge, when fear shows up to do it anyway, that pain can be transformed into the greatest power, to always live my truth and make sure my voice is being heard, and to trust my intuition and the knowingness that the healer and the teacher are within. I'd like to share some simple tools that have brought light into my darkest moments of despair. Into those moments of hopelessness and feeling all alone. Give thanks. All the time. In every moment. What you focus on, expands. Laugh often. Laugh loud. Hard belly laughter. Smile. When you smile at life, life smiles at you. Walk barefoot, in all seasons. Fast regularly. Water only! This is the fountain of youth. Connect with the plant world. Honor your body. It’s your temple. Feed it with the purest that Mother Nature offers. Bask in sunlight and moonlight. Fall in love with every inch of your body. Love yourself up. Live your passions. Full out. No matter what others think or say. No matter what the status quo is. Passion is the fuel for your dreams. Eat dark chocolate. Preferably raw. Opens the heart and invokes the bliss frequency. Believe in magic. It exists!!! It’s all around you and within you, if you open yourself to it. Play. At any age. Playfulness equals agelessness. Be yourself. Always. There is nothing sexier than authenticity. Stay young at heart. Free in spirit. Pure in body. With so much love and gratitude for the most joyous blissful year ever!!! Sabina

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