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Dear beautiful friend, This is a call to action: LET LOVE GO VIRAL ! At this crucial moment in history you are being called to be a conduit for love as we have embarked on the most intense journey deep down the rabbit hole . At this point we can no longer un-see, un-know or un-do. Besides needing to have powerful navigation skills, it is crucial that we return to source. Otherwise you will be like a feather in the wind. Ask yourself what would love do right now? From you? Through you? The most potent force in the universe is love. Love conquers everything. Love heals all wounds. Love is unstoppable. The presence of divine love is always giving. Always in overflow. With your presence you create your field. If enough people are emanating the highest frequency of love, then we are strengthening the collective field. This creates a shift on the planet which is the foundation for ushering in a New Earth. Nefarious forces with a dark agenda have ruled this planet for too long. It takes enough people to say NO to the agenda and blast out LOVE, no matter how tough the situation is. Then together we can weave a new world. We can dismantle and dissolve a system of oppression and control. It starts with one person at a time. It starts with doing the inner work. Dissolving old programs and structures. Dissolving conditionings. Dissolving fear. Dissolving the illusion of separation. Healing the trauma of this world is an INSIDE JOB first. Violence and hate are not the answer. They just feed the forces of darkness. This will then keep repeating the patterns. True healing comes from doing the deep internal work. Accepting the emotions, expressing them and then transmuting them. Welcome your current challenges. They interrupt your familiar program. They burst you open. They catapult you out of “normal” and then you have the choice how to respond and what to create as you move forward. Are you choosing “new normal” or “extraordinary”? It’s time to take off the mask and spread the virus of love far and wide. With love, Sabina

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