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Dear beautiful friend, I just finished a 5 day water fast and feel reset, realigned and re-ignited. My first bite into a succulent watermelon enraptured indescribable explosive bliss. The sheer joy of being alive got newly activated and intensely illuminated. I have not always felt that way and I know many people can’t even fathom what I’m talking about. During a water fast you are faced with many self-imposed limitations. It’s a constant battle against your mind, the great trickster, that lures you into limiting perspectives. You will be facing your own inner demons. But if you don’t let yourself be fooled by these “Hijackers” then enormous expansion takes place within you and the falling away of old identities. Your true essence will become amplified causing massive clarity and luminous radiation. Fasting feels like being in a mental and emotional gym. Stretching into realms that haven’t happened yet. Developing new muscles. Trust muscles. Forgiveness muscles. Joy muscles. It’s about pushing through the limits. Walking on the edge. Allowing and letting go. Opening and deep surrender. When your muscles are not developed, then when you are showered with something grand and extraordinary you cannot hold it. Your container is not strong enough. You will be leaking. If you don’t know who you are, what your soul is here for and truly own your divinity, then you will always fall into the identity of s.o. else’s idea of who you should be. Read this again and let it deeply sink in. Yes, I have been emphasizing this again and again. The inner work is where the rubber meets the road. Everything in life is an inside job. The outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. Right now we see the majority of humanity spellbound by the matrix of the fear of death. The mainstream media has dreamed up a nightmare with the grandest theatre orchestration in history. A puppet show with sinister characters. And the devil pulling the strings. We must unhook from the nightmare and dream a different dream. Remember who you truly are and what your soul is here for and re-ignite the spark within you. Turn the spark into a flame and then let the flame explode into a wildfire. The only mass injection we need is the one from the deepest recesses of our heart, not one from a laboratory. With wild ferocious love, Sabina For those in the NY area, please join me this Saturday evening in Woodstock as we create a New Vision for a New Earth.

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