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Dear precious being,

Holistic approach to healing means trusting in the infinite intelligence within you. Unless you treat your body as a divine temple you cannot receive the miracles within. Everything in your life is a reflection of your state of health (body/mind/spirit) or your state of dis~ease.

Dis~ease manifests when you are out of alignment with your natural state of EASE.

The majority of disease is preventable through lifestyle changes, diet, movement, detoxing and mindset tools.

There are sooooo MANY natural healing methods, and many of them even for FREE.

Here are just a few examples:

The right nutrition for your body can unlock wellness within you. We have encoded within us resilience and wellness. Pure Food contains powerful information and communicates with our cells. Your Body is adaptable and highly capable to heal itself.

The Sun is the source of cellular nourishment & activation. Sun energy provides healing in its purest form.

Cold Therapy improves your blood circulation, protects you from inflammatory disease and balances hormones. I invite you to take advantage of this free pro-youthening medicine by walking barefoot on snow & ice, rolling naked in the snow, ice-cold showers etc.

Polysaccarides in Medicinal Mushrooms will give your body real immunity and change your immune system forever making you invincible. They even change the intelligence of your body. This is Tree Medicine at its finest. And you will find it for free in your local forest.

Fasting is like being on God’s operating table. Everything will correct itself and go back to its natural state. Fasting is the return to youthfulness. It produces stem cells, completely resets your Immune system, regenerates all organs, sharpens your brain and many other benefits…

Your body is THE best technology, far superior than any man-made technology.

Modern medicine is based on “How do we fight disease?". This is a war on the body with methods such as "cut, burn & poison" and pills & injections.

The Whole-listic approach would be to ask the question: How do I return to my natural state and get back in alignment with my True Self, Homeostasis.

You are not free until you understand what a miracle your body is, how it functions and embracing your innate healing powers.

It has never been more obvious how corrupt the health care system is than in 2021. The easiest way to control people is through spreading fear and ignorance. Then offering solutions that lead to more problems along the way and to a life-long dependency on the medical model. Hence major profit for Big Pharma and the dark forces that spread misinformation.

This is an urgent call and a way out of this system. We must return to Purity and owning our god-given powers.

Cellular Purificaton + Regeneration = Radical Vibrancy & Bodily Sovereignty.

After overcoming many diseases myself I continue to push the edge for an entirely new way of being. The deep inner gnosis I have gained is that true healing is about returning to your Natural Self. This means removing the obstruction of toxicity, trauma & unprocessed emotions.

I am here to guide you through massive transformation and healing in a deeply authentic way.

This is not a quick fix. It’s a process. It takes re-patterning and then turning it into a lifestyle. YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

After 25 years experimenting on myself and studying with masters & experts in the fields of Holistic Nutrition, Cellular Purification, Self-Empowerment and Mind/Body/Spirit Transformation I have created a mentorship program "THE SACRED WARRIOR PATH" that will support you to

- Embody ALL that you came here to be.

- Guide you back to your True Nature with a new vision of infinite possibilities.

Only when you embody vibrant health, you inner-stand how Nature truly works and you are not afraid of dis-ease, ONLY THEN are you truly FREE.


I offer a free consultation to anyone who is committed to embark on the next level. Schedule your call here:

It’s my highest honor to serve you.

With Love,



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