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Dear precious One, Your Golden Ticket is available for you: When you release from resistance. Let go of all identification & judgment. Relinquish all stories. Face the fragmented parts of yourself. Open yourself for deep integration and the willingness to leap into the grand mystery. You will experience liberation into oneness. The eternal Now. The fountain of flow. Voluptuous bloom. You make yourself available for the tender exquisiteness of ever expanding & ever unfolding. With Sublimity & Grace. You are holding the chalice as a love container. A chalice that is in perpetual overflow. Flooding you in a never ending cycle of giving and receiving. Practicing the Art of gratitude. Unconditional love is the ultimate alchemical elixir. You are luxuriating in the lusciousness of Nature’s opulent pure paradise. Owning that you are Divinity incarnate in your sacred temple. A vessel of abundance dripping in boundless treasures and richness. The only thing that holds you back is your distorted perception of who you are and what you came here to bring forth. It's the addictive patterns of needing to become something or acquire something that you inherently are & already have. THAT’S IT. You are the only one in the way of your fullest flourishing. True Thriving is beyond the stories of your mind. It is deeply felt in your body and profoundly resonated in your heart. Foundational is the purification of your temple. Cleansing away all that is heavy & stagnant & all that does not come from the purest of Nature so you can experience Cellular Illumination. An illuminated temple is your cord to the mother. You anchor with your breath. You root with your presence. You ground with your stillness. To the sound of silence. In such a state miracles will unravel naturally. You commune with the deeper realms & higher dimensions. You are cherished and honored by the Majesty of ALL that is. Ready to dive deep into this? Stay tuned for upcoming offerings: June 6-9: 3 Day Juice Cleanse & Water Fast. Online by Donation June 11: Free Masterclass on The Art of Detox. Body/Mind/Spirit. Online. Details to follow. Sending luminous blessings with so much love, Sabina


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