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Dear precious being,

You might be wondering how to reach your fullest expansion and what might have been blocking you from doing so?

After working with many people in groups and 1:1, I have come to the realization that almost all blocks & limitations come from one source: Low Self Worth.

Low self worth shows up in many ways such as:

Not feeling good enough.

Not feeling deserving.

Not feeling loved or understood.

Not belonging.

Disempowering beliefs such as: Life is hard, I can’t afford this,

I don’t have the time or the money, Why even try? etc...

Disempowering choices of words such as: I can’t, I shouldn’t, etc...

Excessive neediness and dependency on sources outside of you.

When you engage with these low vibrational energies you are simply reinforcing the pattern. Hence nothing ever changes.

A shift will ONLY happen when you take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life and start owning your power & owning your worth.

Consciously disengage with ALL old programs and limitations.

Shifting from conscious to super conscious.

Overriding those patterns.

Re-orienting your entire energetic field.

Owning that you are the divine expression of infinite potential. Tuning into the knowingness that you can have it ALL, in ALL areas of your life.


You will then arise in a space of crystal clarity and able to fully step into your luminous LIGHT.

Infusing your field with radiating self-love codes.

Illuminating your aura with the divinity frequency.

You are then opening yourself to the infinite expansion of Self.

Immersed in pure flow state. Tuning into your boundless Nature.

Ever-evolving and at the same time retuning deeper into YOU.

Experiencing yourself as the Infinite Eternal Now.

At the core is the purification of your body/mind temple. Cultivating your vessel and then continuously refining it and super fine-tuning it.

Nourishing yourself with the Garden of Eden. Saturating yourself with all the colors of the rainbow.

Infusing your cells with the luxurious richness that Nature offers.

Showering in cascading loving thoughts and bliss visions.

Falling in love with every precious inch of you. Arising in pure pristine source energy.

As a result you will start flourishing and blooming.

All your colors will luxuriously pour out of you and through you.

You become the emanation of voluptuous magnificence.

Like an orchid exuding ravishing elegance. Blossoming in royal richness.

Remember, you are IT. It's ALL YOU.


I see you and I honor you.

In radiant reflection,



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