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Dear beautiful friend,

Isn’t it mesmerizing that in one single night a spider carefully and patiently weaves an intricate web? She works tirelessly and elegantly to create her unique world.

As a web weaver she is a creator. So are you. You are a weaver dreamer. As a ‘conscious dreamer’ you are weaving your life into reality. You are the weaver of ideas unfolding. Instead of consuming ideas you the generator of ideas.

Let this sink in.

What are you weaving into existence?

Remember to not be blinded by the outside world and the worldwide web but instead focus on your unique web.

All the systems are dismantling right now. These systems were designed to disempower us.  Our health care system is not about health but about disease management. The banking system is about debt enslavement. So are all other systems that were put into place to stifle our voices and our freedom.

It is a good thing these systems are collapsing. They are hiding the truth.

Now the collective shadow is exposed and this is intense. Do not become discouraged and trust there is a divine plan behind all of it.

It’s absolutely crucial to hold your dream into manifestation.

You must hold the vision of exquisite beauty and sublime abundance. You must amplify what is in the chalice of your heart and in the genius of your mind.

With your every action, thought, word and every deed, it is woven into the web of your creation. Remember that your web reaches far and wide, and that you are only capable of perceiving a small part of it.

Trust the unfolding and pay attention to the patterns you see play out in your life.

Have faith in the process. You are always divinely guided, protected and supported.

With love,



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