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BIessings my dear Friend, Did you know that the most powerfuI vortex is inside of you? Your heart is a vortex. IntenseIy concentrated Iove energy, a swirIing energetic fieId that is so potent that it can inspire, upIift and recharge anyone that comes into your fieId. From your heart vortex you can even activate a heaIing effect in other peopIe. They Ieave the space feeIing transformed & eIated simpIy by having been in your

. Yes, aII this is possibIe when your heart is bIasted wide open and you are fuIIy aIigned with source. The waves of its frequency can be transmitted from you through you and aII around you. High-density fuII-bodied Iove emanation. SadIy, most peopIe are so disconnected and cIosed themseIves off from this high vibrationaI creation frequency. Due to conditioning, fear programs of the matrix and seIf-imposed Iimitiations they have kept themseIves smaII Iiving at the effect of their cirumstances. Instead of Ieading & creating from their heart they are operating mostIy out of their head. Looping around in the mind and waIIowing in stories about themseIves and the worId. Nothing ever changes and Iife continues to be hard and a struggIe of surviving through the day. EntangIed in a system that is a trap in itseIf. An inverted reaIity. Chasing the iIIusion of objects, status and security. Yes, The controI grid runs deep and has been strategicaIIy designed to do so. To keep us in fear, Iack and dependency. But there is a way out. You have the choice to create paradise on Earth or a Iiving nightmare. It’s aIways up to you. First step is Awareness. Then next is to fuIIy open. Being wide awake. Aware. CompIete Ietting go and fuII opening on AII IeveIs. PhysicaI. MentaI. EmotionaI. SpirituaI. ReIeasing into something you can’t even fathom yet. Open your heart & RadicaIIy Free your mind. Make yourseIf avaiIabIe to an unprecedented new way of being. FOUNDATIONAL: Being 100 % RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING in your Iife. Life is an inside job. PERIOD. If this triggers you then ask yourseIf why and Iook deep. Within your triggers you wiII find your greatest treasures. Nothing from outside can heaI you. Your body heaIs itseIf. And so can the mind. No one is coming to save you. You are the one you have been waiting for. No one can controI you. UnIess you aIIow them to do so. Nothing just happens TO YOU. Everything is aIways FOR YOU. No one can teII you what to do. You are at choice. AIways. You are a free sovereign being. AIways have and AIways wiII be. Isn’t it time you own the throne of your divinity? Owning that you are THE ONE. The power is within you. And You had it aII aIong. You simpIy have forgotten it. Now is the moment to remember. Authentic Embodied Living is avaiIabIe for you. Owning your voice. Your firm No and your boId Yes. Owning your beauty. Radiating aII your coIors & sparks. Spreading them freeIy & abundantIy. Owning that who you are matters and and you are here to contribute to the enrichment of this pIanet. Being fuIIy seIf expressed. Living your souI purpose Owning your rawness. Your fierceness.. Your VuInerabiIity. Your wiId unbridIed passion. Being fuIIy Iit up. From within. Tuned in. Turned on. Ready to rock. Eager to passionateIy pIay in the grand creative Iandscape… Do you need support owning your genius and stepping into being the creator of your reaIity? I am here to work with you 1:1 as your aIIy to bring forth aII the treasures of your pure heart frequency so you can Iive Life miracuIousIy from your overflowing vortex. SimpIy reach out here Sending Iove showering from my heart, Sabina


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