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Dear Beloved,

You are here to live your gift. You are here for Love. THAT'S IT.

You are here to embody love through the unfoldment of your precious gift. This is the purpose of your existence. Your divine calling.

It starts by integrating your purpose. And then to live it fully and to share it freely. Serving this planet with a fully open heart.

Unlock your purpose.

Uncage your heart.

Become unfettered and release the shackles of the past.

To be wild & free. To be YOU in your YOU-niqueness.

You are the YOU-nicorn.

Stop feeding the victim archetype within you that tells you

You have nothing to offer

Or that no one is interested in your gift

Or that you are not ready yet to step into your calling.

Shut up that voice. It’s an old story. Create a New story.

With a bold Yes to You. And a firm NO to the old paradigm.

Reveal the exquisite art work that you are. Unravel your masterpiece. One layer at a time. By doing so you inspire others to reveal the artwork inside of them.

Do your deep Self-Inquiry on the following questions:

What lights you up? What makes your heart sing?

What gets you jump out of bed and into passionately action?

How can you serve this planet with your greatest contribution?

And in what ways can you express this?

When you know yourself on an intimate level, THE GAME CHANGES.

When you accept ALL of you, LIFE OPENS UP.

When you step in your gift fully, WORK BECOMES PLAY.

Embark onto the adventurous playground of Life. Today. Now.

If you need support, I am here to guide you, simply reach out...


With so much love,



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