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Dear divine being, It is my greatest joy to light up someone’s light. Igniting the flame within them. We all have that fire inside of us that wants to crackle and burn. To burn so brightly in vibrant colors with ferocious sparks and glows. A fire with flames that dance in glorious eruptions. Sadly so often our flame got dimmed and diminished. Something happened in our life that compelled us to turn off the switch. And that is the reason you are not living fully. And wondering why you have little life force, creative impulse or direction of purpose. But do not worry. It’s never too late. Your fire must be stoked and re-ignited. The switch needs to be turned back on. When it’s switched on you are tuned in and turned on. You are alive. Activated by life itself. You are in your fullness. Filled with life force. As a force of Nature. You are vibrant, vital and vivaciously youthful. At any age. If this resonates then I invite you: Let go of your drama, your stories, your baggages. Let go of all the weight and let yourself be light. Light as a feather opening to spread your wings. Ready for takeoff. You are light and you can light yourself up. Spread your wildfire and blaze yourself free. As a free being you contribute to the liberation of our planet. Your presence is needed in this NOW moment. This is an inviting for you to ignite the ravishing fire within you. It has been dormant for too long. Don't wait until tomorrow. Life happens here and NOW. Intoxicate yourself with the rapture of your passion. Need support? We have two more events coming up in February in upstate NY where together we activate our life force and raise the love frequency through Ecstatic Dance, Sacred Cacao and Sound Healing. I am also available for private sessions to support you on your journey of purification, activation & liberation. May you rise up and blaze forward, Sabina


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