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Greetings my dear Friend,

What is true freedom?

Freedom is a feeling, more than anything else. It is not a circumstance and has nothing to do with what is happening in the world.

You will find freedom in only one place. In your heart.

To be free you have to be fluid. You have to become fully flexible. Living your life in constant flux. Immersed in the flow state.

When you are fluid you are open to whatever arises. You are not attached to ANYTHING. You trust the lessons that life offers you and your experience is your greatest teacher. You know that whatever obstacles you are facing is here for YOUR highest evolution.

Living in fluidity requires tools to move through & breathe through.

No matter how tough the situation is. When the going gets tough, you stay fluid. Instead of stagnating, you keep flowing. Instead of contracting, you open.

You open yourself through your breath, through your movement, with your willpower, your devotion and always guided by your vision.

You must have a toolbox and a vision. Otherwise you get sidetracked, or distracted, and you become easily lured into someone’s else’s vision or swept away by the energy of the collective field.

Your powerful vision will pull you and lead you towards greater freedom. The tools will help you to navigate through whatever obstacles arise.

When you live in fluidity then you flow through your challenges instead of resisting them. Remember: What you resist, persists. Resistance is futile.

When challenges show up, you take them on.

Like a warrior with your golden sword. Or like a Jedi with your lightsaber.

You slay the dragons. You face the demons. You penetrate with your presence, deeply anchored in your beingness.

This is how you rise above & beyond and you expand into your highest reflection. Your presence deepens and your energetic field widens. Your power amplifies and magnifies into magnanimous proportions.

If you are ready to develop your powerful toolbox I am here to work with you 1:1 and share everything I have cultivated over the past 25 years.

For upcoming events please see flyers below

Sending bliss-filled waves your way, Sabina


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