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Dear beautiful friend, Let me introduce you to one of the most critical health treasures, your inner terrain. You probably all heard about the germ theory, which believes that germs or pathogens can lead to disease by invading us, and then growing and reproducing in our bodies. The germ theory believes that something “outside” of us can attack us anytime and that we are not in control of our health. Its fear based approach focuses on killing the germs and that we need to protect ourselves, often through the injection of chemicals. The terrain theory however takes on a more sophisticated & holistic approach. It believes that germs cannot cause disease unless the conditions within the body allow it. Terrain theory considers germs as an important asset to building healthy homeostasis in the body. Its emphasis is on the strength of our immune system and cell rejuvenation. I am a big advocate of the terrain theory. The first 19 years of my life was heavily influenced by the germ theory that caused massive havoc on my health and emotional state. Once I learnt cultivating my terrain, everything in my life shifted. It was not only a shift in health but also a shift in consciousness and self-empowerment. This is an invitation for you to look at your life and see where you currently stand. Tune in deeply and see which theory resonates. The foundation for building a strong terrain is based on holistic nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle and mindset. It’s about bodily sovereignty. Stepping into higher responsibility. Honoring your body as a temple. Offering it the purest that Mother Nature provides. Trusting the healer is within you. And then loving every inch of YOU.

I invite you to join me to learn more on this approach in my webinar “HOW TO CREATE YOUR PERSONAL POWER GRID -  Part 2” this Saturday at 4 pm EST. Rsvp: Upon reservation you will receive a zoom link. Sending lots of love, Sabina


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