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Dear beautiful friend,

To create lasting results with deep fulfillment in all areas of your life it takes one major ingredient: Living deeply from the heart. No matter how tough your situation is right now.

This means thinking heart centered thoughts.

Taking action steps straight from your heart.

Leading always from a pure heart space.

Doing the heart work instead of the hard work.

I was raised with the program of having to work hard and being competitive. It has been deeply ingrained in my being. Until one day I discovered another way, the heart work.

Heart work is not truly “work” but rather living from your heart’s fullest expression.

Hard work will lead to exhaustion. Heart work will lead to expansion.

Hard work can make you tight and rigid. Heart work opens you up to the divine flow.

Hard work often can lead to competition. Heart work leads to more friends and collaborators.

Hard work can burn you out. Heart work will set you on fire.

When you create from the heart space you become a true “HEARTIST”. (Thanks to my beloved friend Peter who created this expression:)

Are you ready to embody your own unique HEARTIST?

As a Heartist you are fully anchored in your Authentic Nature so you don’t get swept away by the collective. You own your deeper spiritual powers and stand in the fullness of your divinity.

You allow the radiance of your grandness to be unleashed so it creates a ripple effect to everyone around you.

The planet and humanity will be enriched by your mere beingness as you emanate pure joy & creative powers and are an inspiration to what’s possible.

You don’t live anymore in the paradigm of limitation & scarcity. You have learnt to tune into the abundance & infinity of ALL that is.

You have mastered the emotional game. Fear does no longer stop you but becomes a catalyst for expansion & growth. Like a master surfer you navigate skillfully through all waves of emotions. Reveling in the highs of the peak and cruising gracefully through the arduous lows.

Do you feel the call to step fully into your Heartist?

I am here to work with you 1:1 to reveal your blindspots so you can release ALL that is blocking you and then unlock your supreme gifts. Ready to serve this planet to your fullest capacity. Simply reach out for support.

With love and appreciation,



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