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Dear beautiful friend,

What an exciting time for celebration and reflection.  With the New Moon, Rosh Hashanah and Fall Equinox all around the same time, and yes, almost forgot to mention that we have reached 6 months of lockdown!!!

What has started with 2 weeks to flatten the curve has now turned into a never ending story and a farce when it comes to the narrative of the mainstream media.

As for anyone who is committed to expansion there is no greater opportunity than this for stepping into full embodiment of the Warrior Sage Archetype.

Let me explain.

As a warrior you walk into the battle with your light torch. You stand strong amidst the storm. Grounded as a rock. Firmly rooted into the Earth and at the same time reaching for the sky. With unshakable confidence. Ready to take on ANYTHING. Willing to face the darkest darkness.  

Fear does not stop you, but rather is your fuel. You understand that on the other side of fear lies freedom. Tremendous freedom!

You are deeply committed to WHATEVER it takes.  No excuses. No ifs or maybes. You know pain is the greatest catalyst. There is no better wakeup call. You have trained your mind to not to accept mediocrity. You understand the mind’s trickster quality. But you don’t fall for it any longer. You are owning your strength and your sovereignty.

As a sage you have attained deep wisdom and intuition. You act from kindness. You embody integrity. You possess strong virtues and values. You honor purity in all its forms. You developed an eye for true exquisite beauty. You acquired clarity. You see through the veil.

You trust in the divine plan of the universe.. You have faced yourself with great depth and intimacy. You embrace stillness and solitude as the ultimate medicine. It brings you closer to your essence.

Your presence does not require many words. Your emanation says it all and is a reflection of your soul. You know who you are and are 100 % comfortable in your skin. You don't need anyone's approval. You are willing to walk your path even if it means going against the herd. You know that the Truth will ultimately prevail.

As a sage you are deeply committed to excellence and mastery.

You embody the knowingness that the light will be victorious.

What the world needs right now are people who embody the Warrior Sage Archetype.

Make yourself available to something you can’t even imagine yet. A vision so big. A heart so pure.  A body so invincible.  A dream so miraculous.  A love so divine.

A world so beautiful…

It is possible when you hold that frequency.

Open yourself far and wide and deep...

And have the divine knowingness that what will come, will take your breath away…

And it will shift the frequency of the entire planet.

Are you ready for this?

It starts by reclaiming your Warrior Sage and understanding, accepting, and living from the perspective that all power is already and always has been fully established within you.

Trust that there is a Divine Plan, and you are a part of it, and that all is proceeding according to this plan.

With divine love,



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