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Autumn Bliss-ings to you my precious friend, Let me share with you an immensely powerful tool that has supported me on my journey into fuller expansion, which is Archetypal work. These are character traits within us. Patterns of our psyche that are passed on genetically or picked up by energies in the field.

Only when you become aware of these archetypes and inner-stand how they operate can you truly be in charge of your life. Otherwise they run on a subconscious level and rule your life. They are driving your car while you sit on the back seat. And then you wonder why you end up where you are now in life. It’s time to get in the driver seat and to steer your own course. Shadow work & Archetypal work is a potent combination so you can be the superhero of your journey driving into your divine destiny. When you work with an archetype you clear up blockages in your energy field which will give you more clarity & confidence. You will real-eyes your destructive patterns which then can be transmuted into healthier & more empowered ones. You will learn to process your childhood wounds. Accepting and embracing will lead to softening. When you soften and heal past wounds this creates lightness. Lightness of being. A light filled aura. The PRISTINE PURE YOU is being illuminated. Ready to RAVISHINGLY RADIATE in sublime splendor. I invite you to reflect on the following 2 archetypes, when they show up in your life and how they influence you. The Victim within you thinks you have nothing to offer or very little to offer. Or that you are not ready yet. The victim feels you needs someone, often some authority tell you what to do. The victim often follows along blindly what the masses are doing. The victim believes you are powerless and therefore you can very easily be controlled. A victim is not worthy of playing a big role in this world. The victim often points the finger to something or someone and doesn’t take 100 % responsibility. As a victim you thinks that Life is happening to you instead of knowing that EVERYTHING in life ALWAYS happens FOR YOU. The saboteur within you is the small voice in your head that tells you limiting stories about yourself and the world. The saboteur tends to come up with reasons why you can’t, why it’s too hard etc. and then creates situations that validates just that.. Even when making a commitment you create breakdowns which then breaks the commitment and hence you become discouraged to try again. The saboteur lures you into disempowered thoughts such as: That’s just the way it is. Life is hard. This is for others, not for me. See I told you so…etc The saboteur tends to judge others superficially or deal with life in a destructive way. You may feel unfulfilled with your current situation but comfortable with it. You create reasons why to remain the same. The saboteur loves to procrastinate. Start today becoming aware of these two archetypes. And when they show up then jump into the driver seat. Put your foot on the gas pedal and take the steering wheel in your hands. POWER THROUGH INTO THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. UNSTOPPABLE. Divine destiny is waiting for you... Remember to own your god-like essence. You are infinite creator birthing your reality. If you like to go deeper on Archetypal work & Shadow work then please reach out. I have been working with clients all over the world 1:1 to guide them into their fullest expansion. There are no limits... Sending an ocean of love, Sabina


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